Dramatically increase your wealth and flow of money into your life by changing your money beliefs

Positive Money Beliefs CD Album Cover
  • Do you ever talk negatively about money?
  • Do you sometimes think you are just not destined to have a lot of money in your life?
  • Is it hard for you to imagine having a a large bank balance?
  • Are you living from month to month worrying about bills?
  • Would you like a way to change your situation to finally have money flow into your life?

You might think that the flow of money into your life is all about being smart, knowing the right people, having the right idea, well it's not. It's about having the right mindset. The money you have in your life just now is down to the beliefs you have about money.

That is a strong statement to make, but think about it for a few minutes: When you truly believe that you can have money in your life, your mind starts to see opportunities, that will help you make money, but the opposite is also true.

Did you ever play the game as a child where you told yourself you were going to find money, suddenly money seems to be everywhere, a few coins lying in the street, money in your pockets, in the back of the sofa, relatives start giving you money for no reason. That's the power of the mind opening itself up to the possibility of having money. Your beliefs about money determines how much money flows into your life.

We want to help you gain that power of belief back and use it to help money flow into your life again and install new positive beliefs about money.

The 'Positive Money Beliefs' Guided Meditation will help you:

  • Change your money beliefs into positive ones When you change from having negative money beliefs into positive money beliefs you will start to see just how powerful your mind really is.
  • Believe you deserve money A lot of us feel that we don't deserve money in our lives, but the truth is the more money we have in our lives, the more we can help others, and the more we help others the happier we become. It's the circle reciprocity whereby you get something and you give something in return, and the more you have to give the more you will get.
  • Develop confidence in yourself Confidence in yourself has a large part to play in your ability to bring money into your life. Using this guided mediation will help you develop that confidence.
  • Speed up the flow of money Right now as you are reading this, money is flowing, like a river, around the world, and those who have tapped into the flow receive more of it, you too can tap into this flow.

It's might sound a little crazy just now but we know from experience and from the hundreds of people who have used this that changing your money mindset into a positive one can dramatically increase your wealth.

If you were to ask the richest people in the world if they had a positive money mindset, they would likely laugh and advise you that they expect to make money. It's this expectation and belief that helps them make more money.

What to Expect

There are three stages to each of our guided meditations.

In the first stage of 'Positive Money Beliefs' you will go through a deep mind and body relaxation exercise, which will set you up for the next stage.

In the next stage you find yourself in a field with every single person you know in your life. It is here you meet a mysterious woman.

In the final stage the mysterious woman will ask you five questions which will help you open up your mind and change your money beliefs into positive ones.

Short Term

After the first listening you will feel the energy that comes with opening up your mind and starting to believe that money can flow into your life.

After a few weeks of listening to this album, you will have installed a lot of new positive beliefs about money and will have started noticing opportunities that will help you make money. You will also start seeing money flow into your life naturally: an unexpected check, a raise at work, just little coincidences that will confirm that you are tapping into the flow of money.

Long Term

You will notice that your life has dramatically changed with regards to your finances. Your beliefs about money will have completely changed and you now expect money to flow into your life.

If you truly want to tap into the flow of money then you need to change your mindset and develop positive money beliefs. Download this powerful album today and tap into the flow of money