Learn how to get into the mindset of saving money in order to dramatically increase your wealth in the future.

Save Money CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it difficult to save money?
  • Do you find that when you have money you tend to spend it immediately?
  • Do you buy things on credit rather than saving up for them?
  • Do you buy things that you don't really need in your life?
  • Would you like to become great at saving money and becoming wealthier?

Being great at saving money is a mindset, and it's your old habits and thought patterns that may have prevented you from saving before, however hard you have tried. However you can change your thoughts and beliefs around saving money.

Have you ever wondered how some people are just natural savers? They manage to save money naturally, they have never struggled with money and always have money when they need it.

Well, when you change your beliefs and thoughts patterns about spending money and saving money you will find that you can easily become great at saving for the future and indeed becoming much more wealthier as a result.

The main difference between you currently, and these natural savers is in your mindset towards money and spending. You inner beliefs and patterns of thinking surrounding money are the root source where all of your habits, behaviour, and spending patters stem from.

With this 'Save Money' guided meditation album you will:

  • Make you think more logically about money. You will think twice before spending, and you will always think of the negative consequences of spending needlessly. This will put a stop to much of your spending problems.
  • Stop you from impulse buying. Again, you will become much more rational, and much more in control of your urges. This will stop you from buying things that you don’t need, and therefore stop you from WASTING money.
  • Make you really want to save money. Currently you probably get some sort of buzz from spending - which in turn keeps you going back and spending more. This needs to be replaced / diverted, so instead you will start feeling good, and getting pleasure from saving - the more you save the better you will feel, and so the more you will want to save.
  • Switch your thinking to focus on your future and the long term. Often people who are "not good at saving" only think about the short term satisfaction of spending. This guided meditation will flip your patterns of thinking so that you will think more about your future, about the positives of saving money, and the greater good that saving can do for you in the long term.

You might think that you are just not good at saving, but by changing your beliefs at the subconscious level you can become great at saving money and feel great about doing it. This will increase your wealth, your confidence and give you more choices in life.

What to Expect

There are three stages to each of our guided meditations.

In the first stage of 'Save Money' you will go through a deep mind and body relaxation exercise, which will set you up for the next stage.

The next stage will see you walking along the most beautiful white sandy beach. It is here you meet a special person who will help you change your beliefs about money at the subconscious level.

In the final stage you will have a life changing conversation with the mysterious person as they show you something called 'The Money Energy Chest'

Short Term

The first thing you will notice is your determination to save money will grow stronger every day. You will have a shift in your thinking and something inside of you will change. Feelings of positivity will start to grow, your determination gets stronger and you will notice more and more opportunities to save money in your life.

Long Term

Ultimately, you will notice your bank account growing at a much faster rate than you thought possible, so much so that you will have completely changed your mindset about saving and feel better every time you deposit more money in your savings account.

Saving money not only helps you increase your bank account but has a dramatic effect on your confidence levels, the choices you have in life, and your ability to become a lot wealthier. Download this album today!