10 Beliefs You Must Hold About Yourself

Believe you can and you're halfway there. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Too many of us suffer from self doubt and fear. There are a million things we want to do but don't because we simply talk ourselves out of it. We are smarter and stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

The limiting beliefs we have come from several different sources but our upbringing plays a major role in this. What we were taught and told as children still rings loud and clear in our subconscious minds.

We think we're too fat, too dumb, not good enough, too slow, you get the idea. Our minds are filled with negative talk from our past and it's about time to let go of all that.

Kiss those derogatory statements goodbye and embrace a new you. Here are the 10 beliefs you MUST have about yourself to help you become the person you are meant to be.

1. I am beautiful.

Yes you are. This is number one on the list for many reasons but first and foremost, because it's true. You are beautiful just the way you are. Imperfections, flaws, quirks, idiosyncrasies and all. I may not look like a magazine cover model and really, I could care less. I am beautiful just the way I am. There is no one else that looks like me and that in itself makes me perfectly beautiful.

2. I can do anything.

When you want to learn or do something bad enough, there are no limitations. The only thing stopping you, is you.

We are so afraid of tackling something new, and possibly failing, that we end up not trying at all. Have a look at Nick Vujicic, the man born with no arms or legs. Take a moment to read his story. When you're done reading, try to talk yourself out of something again because you think you can't.

3. I will never be too old to learn to new things.

Who said learning is for kids? The more we learn the more we grow.

You should never stop learning and always believe that you can learn anything you want. When you decide to stop learning is when you will become old. Don't let a number get in the way of learning something new.

4. I can make a difference in someone's life.

You may not think you have a spectacular story or life or maybe you think that you are no one special and nobody cares what you have to offer


Think again. We are all unique and each one of us comes with a little lesson for others. You'd be surprised at how one simple little thing you know could make a huge difference to someone else. Share your knowledge. You are important.

5. I am not superhuman.

Sometimes we like to think we are indestructible and nothing can hurt us. We are not comic book heroes that never feel pain and our only job is to save the world. We feel, we cry, we hurt, and sometimes we are weak and that's ok. It's healthy to feel all those things. Don't try to be something you're not.

6. Not everyone is going to like me and I'm fine with that.

We desperately try to please everyone. We want to be loved by all. Unless you are the next Mother Teresa, and she may have had some enemies too, that is not going to happen and that's ok.

The people that matter are the ones that will like and love you. You can't make yourself crazy trying to get everyone to like you. Appreciate the ones that do.

7. If I make a mistake it's ok.

That's how I learn. We really shouldn't call them mistakes, but we do. They are experiences, or life lessons, as I like to call them. You are not perfect. You may not succeed in everything you do. That's ok. The most successful people in the world failed many times before they got to where they are today. Don't fret over things that go wrong. Learn from them and move on.

8. I can leave the past in the past and move on.

We don't all have a glorious past and quite often there was someone or something that did us wrong. Take the lesson, forgive the person or thing that harmed you and move forward. You are a better person for it and your past makes you the beautiful being you are today.

9. I am responsible for my life and what happens to me.

This one is hard to swallow. We like to blame the other person. As adults, however, we get to choose where we want to be, who we want to be with, what we want to do, etc.You must believe that where you are right now is because of your choices. You have the power to change your life.

10. It's not too late for me to become a better person.

Don't ever think you can't change something about yourself that you don't like. Maybe you are too negative all the time or too judgmental. Maybe you aren't as spiritual as you would like to be.

Or perhaps you don't show enough love or gratitude for the things in your life. It's not too late to become a better version of you. Believe that you definitely can become a better person as long as you have the desire in you to do so.

If you find it hard to believe in yourself why not try our guided meditation mp3 that will help you believe that you can be and do whatever your heart desires.

The things we tell ourselves today have the power to shape our lives. What stories are you telling yourself? What things are you believing to be true when, in fact, they are completely false?