11 Habits of Super Successful People

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way, if you don’t, you will find an excuse.” ~ Jim Rohn

Too often we think successful people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Such is not always the case.

Les Brown, abandoned in an empty building as an infant, adopted and raised by a very poor single woman, is one of the world’s most powerful and influential motivational speakers.

Google rags to riches stories and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of today’s most successful people are no different than you or I. Some of them probably had way worse beginnings than you did.

What separates them from the rest of us? It’s not luck and it’s not something that only a few select people can do.

These 11 habits from successful people can be practiced by all of us, or should I say, those who are willing to do them.

1. They talk to themselves.

Every single day. Super successful people remind themselves how great they are, how successful they, how smart they are, how awesome they are. Every day.

It’s a fantastic brain tricking exercise. Your brain has no idea how awesome you are. You need to tell your brain that and eventually it’s going to believe it and so will you. Win win.

2. Journal.

For some reason, so many of us have a hard time doing this but it’s so important.

Journal your day.

  • How was it?
  • Was it good or bad or even downright shitty?

Makes no difference, write it out.

Your journal can also be a gratitude journal. Journaling is a personal thing so you write what you want in your journal but do it daily.

3. Talk to successful people.

  • What did they do to get to where they are today?
  • What are some tips and tricks you can learn from them?

Stay in touch with them on a regular basis to learn new ideas.

4. Positive thoughts only.

Tricky but it can be done.

Successful people don’t look at things, anything, negatively, no matter how big the challenges or frustrations are. They view things in a positive light and stay focused on positive things only


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5. Plan, schedule and plan some more.

They have calendars that actually have things written in each day of the week (weekends may even be excluded!). Decide what you need to do and write it down on the day of the week. Jot down tasks and appointments just as you would a doctor’s appointment.

6. Stick to a schedule.

Making the schedule and filling in slots is one thing, sticking to it is another.

You’ve scheduled the time for Monday the 3rd at 2:00 pm to make phone calls to reach out to people for help.

Stick to it! Make those calls. It’s important. You wouldn’t miss a doctor’s appointment, don’t miss these ones either. Your success is just as important as your health.

7. Do research daily.

It’s easy to have big dreams and goals but you need to research if it can be done (of course it can!), how it can be done and what will it take to get it done.

Things change daily. Keep up with latest trends of who’s doing what and how you can learn from them.

8. If you fail to plan, plan to fail.

You must have a plan or at the very very least, some idea of what you want to do and some of the steps you may need to take to get there.

You may need to do a little self-discovery to see if you are up to the challenge.

This dream you have to be successful is huge, can you handle success? Make a plan and see if it’s realistic or if it’s right for you.

9. Meditate.

Yup. Successful people take time to disconnect from the stress of the daily grind and Zen out. This is something everyone should do daily, anyway. Clear the mind, relax your soul and recharge your batteries.

10. Exercise.

Keeping fit and healthy is also very important to being successful.

How does jogging or pumping iron make you successful, you ask?

It not only exercises your body, but your brain gets a nice workout and so does your mood. Not only that, all that extra energy you will gain from exercising can be used to do more work, get new ideas and just be happier.

11. Believe in themselves.

Successful people know, without a doubt, the belief that they have what it takes to get there.

  • They have a fierce determination to be successful and they remind themselves daily of how big their “Why” is.
  • They have faith and trust in themselves.

See how easy that is? Anyone can do this. Have some faith, taste your success, believe in yourself and become unstoppable.

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Don’t ever let anything come between you and your success. You have the power in you.