4 Straightforward Tips to Commit to Being Rich

Did you know that the way you think about money is closely related to whether or not you’re rich? And more importantly - did you know you can think a certain way and commit yourself to become rich?

Successful entrepreneurs have realized that long time ago and decided to do something about it. They worked on their attitude and developed a powerful mindset when it comes to finances.

And so can you.

Check out these 4 tips on how to take the leap from an average person who’s always complaining about not having enough money to a purpose-driven individual who’s thinking big and earning more.

The tips are simple and straightforward, but not always easy to implement.

1. Think like a millionaire before you become one.

Being rich is a state of mind.

And for a start you need to understand that, to accept the fact that you don’t have the money you desire now, and there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Here are 8 Beliefs You Must Hold to Make More Money.

2. Stop making excuses.

Poor people spend so much time thinking of reasons why they don’t have money.

They blame society and the system, they think life is unfair and lose hope, they consider rich people lucky, they say now is not the right time or that they aren’t ready to take a step towards becoming successful.

And that’s their main problem.

At some point making excuses becomes a habit, then we start doing it on autopilot and focus all our energy on why we don’t have what we want.

And, as we all know, the Law of Attraction is always working, and whatever you concentrate your thoughts on you create - and you can attract more money with the law of attraction, if you apply yourself.

That’s why if you’re always thinking about what you don’t have in life, you’ll get more of it.

Excuses are a huge distraction. **They require quite a lot creativity and energy, all the while that time and effort could be spent on making a plan on how to earn more money


3. Be clear about what you want.

Most people aren’t good at defining their ideal lifestyle.

It’s one thing to visualize success, and completely another to describe how your perfect day will go. The clearer you are, the sooner you can create a step-by-step plan on how to get to where you want to go - and the easier it is to make the plan work.

Here’s what you need to define:

  • How many hours do you want to work daily?
  • What do you want to do in your free time?
  • How often do you want to travel?
  • How much money will you need monthly to live that life?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Do you want to eat out or cook the food yourself?
  • What time do you want to wake up and how do you imagine the first hour of your day?

All this will help you realize what you need to do in order to get from where you are in life to where you want to be.

Often, people see that they have too big expectations, or that their future life as a rich person doesn’t actually require that much money (some location independent entrepreneurs are traveling the world, working on what they’re passionate about, and still spending less per month than they did while living the 9-to-5 lifestyle, for instance).

In the worst case, this exercise will give you a number to aim for. That’s how much you’ll be earning and spending a month, and basically how rich you’ll have to be in order to achieve success. As for each of us, success is a different number.

4. You already have what it takes.

Most people think they are too young or too old to become rich, that they don’t have the right education or the experience needed to become successful in a certain field.

But that’s not true.

No rich person had any idea what they were getting themselves into in the beginning. But having a definite desire and staying consistent made all the difference.

You have a desire - and we can help with consistency - get the right mindset and become rich starting now.

So don’t feel inferior to others, don’t think that you need any preparation. Just get out there and start using the skills you already have, while gaining experience and knowledge throughout the process and getting 1% better every day. That’s how leaders are created. That’s how you deserve the money you’ll soon get.

So what do you think? What change in your mindset will you make today to commit to being rich?