8 Beliefs You Must Hold to Have More Money

Money makes the world go around. Money is hard to make. Money is the root of all evil.

We’ve heard them all a thousand times over. What is money? A means of exchange. Yes, that’s it, that’s all.

Now with that said, most of us would like to have lots of money while others are happy to just have enough to pay bills and have a little extra left over for dinners out, movie date nights or maybe even to put in a little savings account for the year end trip.

Whatever the case, we all still need money in order to survive. We need to pay rent, buy food, pay for utilities, etc.

With that said, some of us are barely making ends meet and desperately want and need to have more money to get ahead or, at the very least, pay off the phone bill or pay off the credit card that sits with an interest rate of 22%.

We just want some financial relief. We’re tired of this paycheque to paycheque lifestyle and can’t seem to see an end in sight. So how do you we get more money and why is it so hard to get more of it?

What you think and believe about money are the deciding factors on whether or not you allow more of it to come into your life. It’s time to retrain our brains.

8 Beliefs You Need to Hold About Money in Order to Make More of It

1. I deserve money.

Now say it like you mean it. Of course you deserve money. You weren’t put on this earth to barely survive and struggle daily to make ends meet. We all deserve riches and abundance. You need to insert the belief that money is good and that you deserve it deep into your subconscious mind. Feed it daily.

2. Money is beautiful.

Go get a $20 bill (or any amount really) and admire it. Touch it lovingly and feel love and appreciation for it. Every time you touch your money, handle it with respect and love.

If you have a habit of just tossing it in the bottom of your already overfilled trashed up purse like a used ball of tissue then why would more money want to come your way? Treat it with kindness and care.

3. There is more than enough


Seriously. There is. Do you think that only Oprah and Donald can be rich? Why can’t you?

Rich people aren’t lucky people. They have different beliefs about success, life and money. It would serve you well to search out free eBooks on Amazon about people who went from nothing to something with the power of their mind.

4. You have more power over money than money has on you.

You need to tell money who the boss is here. If you let money rule your life, you will remain powerless over it and it will control you forever. Money is power, I’ll give it that, but the holder of the money should be the one with the most power, otherwise it will ruin you. Sort of like what’s happening now.

5. Money isn’t only for people with high levels of education.

If you think that you need to be a Harvard graduate in order to get more money, think again. Everyday people without even a high school diploma can easily make 6 figures a year. They simply think differently. They’ve put their passions and dreams on overdrive, had faith and a mission and away they go.

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6. When I share it lovingly and generously, more will come my way.

I know a lot of us struggle with this. How am I supposed to give people money when I barely have enough of my own to survive on?

Faith plays a huge role here and so will your mindset. You must believe that when you share your money in faith, more will come to you. It’s one of the universal laws that are unfaltering.

7. Just because I grew up poor doesn’t mean I will always be poor.

Being poor is a limiting belief and a mindset. We have to let go of the fact that just because we were poor growing up and struggled all our lives, doesn’t mean that we are destined to live like that forever.

This belief makes us feel unworthy and remember belief #1? You are worthy and you do deserve more money. Let go of this poor mentality and adopt a more abundant healthier one.

8. Money is a gift I accept graciously.

Whether we work for our money or it is enclosed in a birthday card, it is a gift. It is a gift from God and the Universe. Always accept it with love and tons of gratitude. Oh and remember to share the wealth. Trust this process and accept money as a gift that it is.

You see, manifesting more money isn’t hard, it just takes a bit of practice and a little bit of faith. Money isn’t evil and hard to come by. Only our thoughts about it are. Lose the negative thoughts, gain abundance.

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How is your journey to make more money coming along?