5 Common Sense Ways to Lose Weight After the Holidays

The holiday season is just behind us. The free flow of food and drink means that statistically, during the holidays you've likely gained a pound of weight (equivalent to just under half a kilo).

And now it's time to get rid of that 'holiday weight'...

Here are five interesting ideas to help you shed pounds right after the holidays – instead of keeping them.

1. Stick to your routine and avoid extreme diets.

We allow ourselves to splurge excessively over the holidays. Their contingency plan is to go on an intense diet afterwards - which means starving our bodies in order to lose weight fast.

This may help us lose weight, but it's not healthy - we just lose muscle instead of fat.

Instead, go back to your normal healthy diet and workout plan after the holidays. There’s no need to abandon the health routine that worked for you for the entire year. Just eat a bit less for a few weeks, and work out a bit more.

Weight loss is like a marathon. Your weight is the result of your lifestyle, not the result of what you ate - or how much you worked out - during a couple of weeks. Our free meditation audio can help you lose weight quickly.

This way, your weight will go back to normal sooner, lather than later (or never).

2. Drink more water.

Water is an underestimated tool in any weight loss program. While it can’t burn fat, drinking it is a great way to replace calories. Let me elaborate; drinking water before meals helps you eat less.

  • If you consume alcohol you should match your alcohol consumption with an equal amount of water.
  • If you struggle with the blandness of water, try calorie-free flavourings or add your own fruits into the water - lemons are a good pick!

3. Be active.

Exercise should be a no-brainer.

If it’s too hard to stay motivated during your workouts, music is a great way to put you in the mood

. Studies suggest that music that has 180 beats per minute can help you to exercise at a faster pace, which means burning more calories in the process!

You don't need extra motivation to stick to an exercise routine - you can mix it up, try something new - and make exercise fun.

  • Hula Hoop: A great way to burn calories in the privacy of your home. If you struggle to keep the hoop up, use a weighted hoop until you become used to it.
  • Backward running: It sounds weird, but running backwards can burn more calories. It’s kinder on your knees too, and it helps with posture. You’ll need to be extra careful to avoid any collisions though!
  • Bokwa: Bokwa is one of the latest fitness regimes taking the world by storm. Bokwa involves drawing letters and numbers on the floor with your feet to the rhythm of a fast beat. It’s a fun experience for any age group, and it burns a tonne of calories.

4. Remember your 'why'.

When you know why you're doing what you're doing – it's much easier to both avoid overeating and continue with your healthy eating habits.

You always want to keep your vision in your mind – and then the chances of you losing weight, instead of keeping it after the holidays – increase tenfold.

5. Food aesthetics.

Our mind usually tells us that there’s not enough food on the plate and it becomes difficult to resist adding on a few more spoons of your favourite grub.

Your brain tells you to fill a bigger plate until it looks like the right amount to satisfy the empty feeling in your stomach. The problem is that our feeling is not accurate and that our perception is heavily skewed by the size of the plate.

Using smaller plates tricks the mind into believing that there’s already a lot of food in front of it, whereas a bigger plate looks empty and makes us want to eat more.

Research has shown that the colour of your plate can affect consumption. Plates with colours that contrast sharply with the colour of your food look fuller. If your plate and your food share similar colours, the plate looks emptier, causing your mind to want more.

Remember this simple rule: Everything in moderation.

Yes, it’s nice to spoil ourselves during (and after) the holidays, but being mindful of our habits and prioritizing the health of our bodies will prevent us from going overboard.

How do you keep your weight down during and after the holidays?