Take a journey within your mind with this powerful guided meditation to change the way you think about food so that you eat and enjoy healthy food naturally - and lose weight because of it!

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  • Do you struggle to eat healthy food?
  • Do you start with good intentions about healthy eating, only to crave your regular foods a few days later?
  • Do you feel lethargic, and bloated a lot?
  • Do you berate yourself after you give in to your food cravings?
  • Would you like a quick and easy way to reprogram your mind to enjoy healthy foods?

You already know that losing weight can be achieved with a healthy eating habit, however you may have already programmed your mind not to enjoy healthy food. This is key: you have programmed your mind not to enjoy healthy food.

The great news is that you can re*program your mind to enjoy healthy food again. This guided meditation will take you through a scene in your mind in which your brain begins to associate healthy food with having energy, and feeling good about yourself.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • Choose to eat healthier and make healthy food choices naturally. When you change your beliefs about healthy food you will find that you no longer think about junk food, you'll just choose healthier foods in a natural way.
  • Start losing weight within a few weeks. After a few weeks you will start to see the results of eating healthy foods and notice your energy levels are higher and that you start to lose weight..
  • Gain confidence in yourself again. You will see a huge change in your confidence levels. You may have been stuck at being a certain weight for a while now, which may have knocked your confidence. Eating healthy foods will give you a power within yourself, which will give you a boost in confidence.
  • Start to look at unhealthy food in a negative way. When you have reprogrammed your mind you will start to see unhealthy food in a negative way and not crave it any more.

Our mind is like a movie projector, and we see movies in our minds all the time about different scenarios which reinforce your beliefs about yourself and the world around us. This guided meditation will help you to imagine positive movies that will change your beliefs about healthy eating.

What to Expect

In order to access your subconscious mind, your whole body and mind will be given a complete relaxation session.

In the next section sees you at your favourite restaurant with friends. This will help to strengthen your visualization skills.

In the final section you will begin the process of associating healthy foods with feeling more energetic, and more vibrant. You will also start to associate unhealthy food with feeling lethargic and lifeless.

Short Term

After listening to this meditation for the first time, you will start to pay attention to what your body is telling you about food, and notice just how good you feel about eating healthy foods.

After a few weeks of listening to this meditation you will have already started eating much more healthy foods in a natural way, and see unhealthy food as something that is bad for your body and mind.

Long Term

Once you have reprogrammed your brain, it will become natural for you to healthy food, and still feel full and have lots of energy.

At this point it is beyond just helping you to be motivated to eat healthily, you actually start to enjoy it - to enjoy eating healthily and it becomes a natural part of your life, which means you have a healthy weight and body too!

Download this powerful meditation today to lose weight, start enjoying the right kind of healthy food and live a healthy and abundant lifestyle!