5 Practical Ways to Strenghten Your Relationships (video)

This video post will help you to take a quick glance at five practical and powerful ways you can use to strengthen your relationships, be they friendships, business or romantic relationships.

None of these tips are groundbreaking. Though they do list the most important aspects in most relationships - so they work as a great reminder!

Here is the video:

Here are the 5 Practical Ways to Strengthen all of Your Relationships.

1. Be a great listener.

Everyone desires to be heard.

You might be listening to what words are coming out of somebody mouth, but that is not what people want.

People want to feel heard - which means they want to know that you understand and sympathies with them, not that you just paid attention to the words that came out of their mouths. This is paramount to any quality relationship.

2. Ask questions.

It shows you're understanding what is being said.

Don't ask questions just to ask questions. Though sometimes you might be surprised - when you were 100% positive you knew exactly what the person you're talking to meant - they meant something completely different, and asking a 'newbie' question helped unmask the misunderstanding.

If you understand what is being said and want to demonstrate it to the other person, a better alternative to ask questions you already know the answers to is to repeat what the person said in your own words.

3. Look for meaning beyond the words.

How a person looks can tell you a lot about how they're feeling.

And even beyond the looks, sometimes people are either too polite or too afraid to tell you the truth, so they go out of their way to tell it in a way that won't hurt your feelings.

Unfortunately, this can lead to the message not being communicated to you at all.

4. Use the persons name (or nickname) often.

Hearing their name from you is a great way to start connecting


It is true that our name is the most important word to us. My friend can sleep through anything - he can sleep through the noise and vibrations of a party, he can even sleep if people keep poking him, but he wakes up instantly if you even whisper his name.

5. Be positive.

People feel good with others who have a positive outlook on life.

A positive outlook is not just about positive thinking. It is also about being optimistic, deeply caring for other people and being present in the here and the now when you are with them - and not engrossed in your mobile phone.

Every great (or not so great) relationships start with you. If your relationship went sideways - listen to this free guided meditation salvage any relationship.

Have fun and be genuine.

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