5 Reasons it’s Great to Think Big

If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big” ~ Donald Trump.

When we look at people like Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey, we marvel at their success and often only dream of reaching the level they are at. How did they get that far? What did they do differently?

It wasn’t luck nor were they born with a silver spoon in their mouth. On the contrary, they both came from poverty and struggled growing up.

They had dreams, worked hard, persevered and consistently maintained a “think big” attitude. That’s it, that’s all.

Now I get that not everyone necessarily is looking to reach that level of fame and fortune, but you can see how thinking big can completely change your life.

Though we may not have dreams of becoming a superstar or world famous, we do have one common goal: be happy. Happiness is a mindset though. It doesn’t come from external sources.

  • Our thoughts control our lives and our emotions. The happier your thoughts, the happier you are. Makes perfect sense, right?
  • If you have negative thoughts, well, expect more negative things to come into your life.
  • The bigger and grander your thoughts? Well, we know the answer to that already.

Do you need more reasons why it’s a good idea to think big? Read on.

1. It keeps us operating at a high vibrational level.

We all have, or know, that one person in our life who is always smiling, excited and just plain happy. Some of us wish we could be just like them or, at the very least, feed off their energy.

We are envious of their seemingly perfect life and the beautiful warm aura that accompanies them. Often we wonder why and how on earth they can be like this all the time.

It’s simple really. No big secret to that sunny disposition. They think big.

They don’t think they are going to have a mediocre day. They know when they wake up, they are going to have a kick ass day because they think it that way and we all know what happens when we put that out to the Universe.

It comes back to us tenfold. What’s not to love about that?

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2. It forces you out of your comfort zone.

Now that in itself may sound scary but I think we all, at some point in our lives, wish to take even one small step out of our comfort zone.

Fear is what keeps us in the safe zone so when we take a minute to think big, even if it only ever remains just a thought, at least we are facing some fears and experiencing that feeling of being brave and courageous.

When we can feel that feeling, that excitement that comes with it, we may be more inclined to actually act upon it. How exciting!

3. Expect big things to happen.

Remember, think small expect small, think big expect big. Really. Try it.

When we expand our vision, we expand the good things that come to us. If you think about buying a 28” TV then all your thoughts are always going to be on that TV but what you really secretly desire is a 48” TV. Start thinking about the bigger one. You never know when your electronics store will have a blowout sale. Think big…screen.

4. You never know until you try or ask.

Imagine you want to ask your boss for a raise but you have no idea how the conversation will go.

You’ve played it out a thousand times in your mind. You think, and know, you are worth more than your boss is currently paying you.

You are thinking big and hoping for great results. You ask and your boss says yes. Did you see that coming? So many times we won’t ask for something because we think it’s too big. Think big, dream big, act on it.

5. The feeling of accomplishment is victorious.

You know that feeling. Triumph! You did it. Holy cow. You would have never expected that if you didn’t think big, right?

When we force ourselves to look at a bigger picture, and yes sometimes we actually have to force that, we just might be able to see it come to life. Like the big screen TV.

Or perhaps we want to apply for a job but we think we might not be exactly qualified for it, but we really want it. It’s a dream job. Go ahead and apply. What have you got to lose? Imagine the feeling when they call you and say yes the job is yours.

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Sometimes we have to learn to just get out of our own way and be bigger than we think we can ever be. Be brave, be courageous, be bold and think big. The world is your oyster. Embrace life.