Attract your dream job and experience the real happiness of doing work you love with this powerful combination of the law of attraction and guided meditation.

Attract Your Dream Job CD Album Cover
  • Do you have a dream job that you would love to do?
  • Do you have the skills but just can't get the job?
  • Have you almost given up hope of ever finding your dream job?
  • Would you like a powerful way to attract your dream job into your life?

This session focuses specifically on helping you to manifest your dream career. It takes you on a visual journey where you will actually see yourself and experience doing your dream job and will help you to manifest it for real.

If you have been searching for your dream job for some time, but just can't seem to find it, there may be a reason you haven't secured it yet.

Getting your dream job is not just about having the skills and experience, it's about having the right mindset and the right attitude in order to show your future employers that you have what it takes.

When you meet employers you give off a certain energy, unconsciously, and it is unconsciously picked up by your future employer. This guided meditation will help you find your dream job and secure it.

In this guided meditation you will be able to:

  • Attract your dream job into your life. By knowing what your dream job is you can then start to project your energy to attract the people into your life who will lead you to your dream job.
  • Change your beliefs and feelings about finding your dream job. If you don't believe you can attract your dream job, then you won't. Getting into the right mindset and believing you can find it will dramatically increase your chances.
  • Visualize powerfully the experience of actually living your dream career. A powerful part of this album is that it actually takes you on a visual journey where you will create the experience of doing your dream job. It will feel real and your mind will be strengthened for it - there won't be a big gap between wanting this role and having it - your mind knows it is possible.
  • Simply know that you will manifest your dream job. Carrying on from this visual experience you will simply know that you can actually do the job - you have experienced it, you have lived it through a powerful visualization and you will have complete confidence you can do it well - this will shine through and your managers, and interviewers will see it too and know you are right for the role.

Many people are missing something critical to ensure success. Those who are successful know that the law of attraction is carried out at the subconscious level.

By using this meditation on a regular basis you can reach your subconscious mind to change the way you think, change your beliefs and charge your energy in order to attract your dream job.

What to Expect

You will be given a full mind-body relaxation session, which will prepare you for the journey ahead.

You will then journey to a remote rocky mountain which will help you to reach your mind at the subconscious level.

You will then meet a mysterious man who shows you your dream job. You describe your dream job to him and a surprise is in store for you. He will give you a gift to ensure your success in securing your dream job.

Short Term

In the first few weeks you will start to see a shift in yourself. You will have full confidence, you will simply know that you are taking action consciously and subconsciously in your beliefs and self confidence - you will simply know that things are aligning for you and that you are attracting your dream job into existence.

Long Term

In the long term you really will attract your dream job into your life. You will start acting and behaving like you already have your dream career and from this point it will really manifest and you really will get the opportunity to live your dream career.

Attract your dream career and change your life with this powerful guided meditation today!