5 Signs You're A Great Listener (video)

Being a great listener will help you to get along better with your significant other, your friends or your coworkers. It will help you have a more active social life, as people love being around those who they think listen to them and understand them.

This key skill can be developed and practiced. However, this article will go over five signs which show that you are a good or great listener.

Here is the Video Listing the 5 Signs that Prove You're a Great Listener.

The first step to becoming a good listener is to figure out how far off from that goal you are. If you can recognize yourself in any of these five signs, you are well on your way!

If not - now you know what to work towards, and what you can focus on improving in yourself.

1. You are fully in the moment, aware of the conversation and how the other person may be feeling.

People often literally don't listen to what the other person is saying during a conversation.

They are either too busy...

  • ... Thinking about what to say next.
  • ... Looking at their phone or watching TV.
  • ... Daydreaming about whatever.

If you actively listen to the other person, you will be in the moment. This will make it easy to pick up on all the little cues and actually figure out how the other person is feeling and what they are trying to communicate.

2. You can easily put yourself in another person's place and understand them.

Trying to imagine yourself in the position of another person is a skill you can acquire with practice. Getting skillful at this will make it easier to relate to others.

When you find it easy to relate to other people, you understand them and become familiar with them faster. And you learn to love them and care for them.

**When you love your friends or coworkers, your family or your significant other too for that matter, it is much more likely that they will love you too - as life is like a mirror - what you do mirrors back into your life


3. You pick up on important points in a conversation.

Picking up important points in any interaction is about picking up on small cues.

  • The way a person said a word softer or louder.
  • The way their eyes moved in a significant manner.
  • The way their body tensed for a brief second, or relaxed.

Nuances are many. Practice trying to figure out which moments in a conversation the other person finds significant - and you will find yourself relating to and understanding other people much better.

4. You actively engage in a conversation but still focus on what the other person is saying.

Being active in a conversation can mean just nodding your head at the right moment so that the other person knows that you are actively listening to them.

It can mean talking too. Though what you say has to have intent to help figure out what the other person is saying, and not to help you say what you want to say.

That is what great listeners do and how they get people to relate to them easier.

5. You are genuinely curious and open-minded when people talk to you about things that are different than you.

If you believe something, and the other person believes the exact opposite thing, it is important to understand that both of you can be right.

  • Our beliefs may just be a result of our upbringing.
  • Or a result of our experiences.
  • Or a reset of influence from people we respect.
  • Or just pure damn luck.

Either case, trying to put yourself in other person shoes might help you understand them and their beliefs better, no matter how much you disagree. Often times, you will notice that a persons beliefs are a result of their shame, guilt or fears. Help them overcome these by listening - Actively!

If these signs connect with you... Thank you for being kind and genuinely interested in another person's well being!

Please share this message and remind others about the beauty of listening...

Thank you for reading!