5 Things that are Costing You Your Happiness

Some things make us happy, others less so. This article will discuss five common ways that you are making yourself miserable and are costing yourself your own happiness and joy... Needlessly - just because society puts so much pressure on us to be more, to do more, to have it all now!

These are the 5 Things that are Costing You Your Happiness Right Now.

1. When you focus on what you want and miss out on what you already have.

It's easy to focus on all the amazing things we don't have, especially since we are bombarded by marketers at all times with new things we haven't tried that will make us happy for just a few bucks per month.

While new things and especially new experiences can make us happy, focusing on what we lack is as good as training our mind to lose.

Instead, focus on what you do have and be grateful for it. This is the number one practice I'd subscribe to people who feel a lack of happiness - it works that well!

2. When you keep constantly criticizing yourself.

Again, it is unfortunately considered normal to focus on our flaws and criticize ourselves for what we've done badly...

... Yet it is so uncommon to commend ourselves for a job well done, unless it is for something major, like a school graduation or a new job.

If you don't think it's OK to congratulate yourself without criticizing yourself too... Criticize yourself - that's fine and on you - but at the same time start congratulating yourself on a job well done, no matter how small. Very soon you will notice a big difference in how you feel!

3. When you place too much value on what others think.

Caring about others and their opinions is the norm. We are pack animals after all. Too much caring for what other people think leads to anxiety and needless suffering.

**It is impossible to guess why someone is feeling and thinking the way they are, how they will act about your decisions or actions - so don't even try


Focus on what you value and what you think - and please yourself! This is the way to happiness.

4. When you spend too much time with "energy-drainers".

We all know people who love to hang around us, but simply drain our energy. It is important to note that people who drain your energy may be good people, but they simply do not sit well with you.

Get rid of them. I know it's harsh to hear, but they will always be sipping away your energy making you feel tired - so it is best to minimize contact with them. Attract perfect friendship matches instead.

5. When you focus on your goals so much that you forget the present moment.

People keep telling us to just live in the present.

While this is great, as when we truly try to be conscious of the moment we make ourselves feel good, sometimes we need to think and plan for the future.

But for most people, they focus on the future too much. The truth is that our predictions are rarely accurate, so stop spending that much time thinking of the future, and spend more time in the present, the only time you actually live in.

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