5 Tips For Maximum Relaxation (video)

We all feel stressed sometimes. And we all have our ways to cope with stress. This article will go over five ways that will both help you relax and wind down so you are ready for the challenges waiting ahead.

Here is the video showing 5 Ways to Welcome Relaxation.

I can't say that these ways to relax yourself are groundbreaking, but they definitely work and are often forgotten by people looking to switch off at least for a moment.

1. Switch off the electronics.

Enjoy silence even if only for a few minutes a day.

Our bodies are fully awake when there's light, and tend to shut down and want rest during night. However, even a small mobile device emits enough light to keep us awake - and the same goes for relaxation - if you are using your mobile device, your laptop or TV, you are essentially telling your brain that you want it to keep you fully alert and ready for action, which won't help you relax.

2. Breath.

Take a few moments to be in the moment.

Did you know that when we are anxious, we tend to have shallow breaths?

We can consciously change the way we breath, which will in turn change the way we feel! With proper breathing, we can reduce stress almost instantly, alleviate anxiety and start to relax.

It's not rocket science. Just sit back comfortably, or lie down - and take slow, deep breaths. Then exhale slowly as well. Quickly, you will feel more relaxed.

3. Talk to yourself.

Use the softness and comfort of your own voice to calm yourself down.

We already know that the way we talk to ourselves inside our heads influences how we feel, behave and act. Even more powerful are the words we actually verbalize. There is no shame in enjoying your own voice and your own company.

Sooth yourself down with words, tell yourself to relax in a calm, slow and soft voice - and you will relax yourself quickly!


. Music.

Listen to classical or meditation music and let your brain rest to the soft sounds.

Pretty much all of our guided meditation sessions start with a body and mind relaxation part - go ahead - listen to any of over 130 guided meditation sessions for free online and relax yourself fully.

5. Tea.

A daily break that includes a mug of herbal tea calms the mind.

Any hot beverage tends to relax us, and certain teas - like Chamomile - especially so. It's not just the time while you drink the tea, but the whole process from making it to serving it can be a relaxing ritual you practice on a daily basis.

If any of these ideas resonate with you.. Go with it. It's important to practice relaxation. It supports your good health.

Everyone needs a little 'me time'. Don't you think?

Please share these important tips... I think it will arrive to just the right person at just the right time...

Thank you for reading!