5 Ways to Change Your Money Mindset in the Next 60 Seconds

Money is a constant worry for many people. Scarcity thoughts hammer at us to keep us stuck in the same old place - and it can all be changed in under a minute!

Thoughts like:

  • There’s never enough money.
  • Abundance affirmations can’t really work.
  • Should I say prosperity? Wealth? Abundance?
  • Do I deserve more?
  • Is it OK to want to be rich?

These thoughts create an endless litany of “never enough” mixed with a large measure of guilt over wanting more.

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Today is different because you are going to learn 5 ways to change your money mindset in the next 60 seconds.

1. Burn Your Map.

We all have maps that tell us how we’re supposed to think. We learned these from well-meaning folks trying to watch out for us. Perhaps your money map includes something like, "I need to buy big sizes of everything to save money."

Here’s how to burn your money map: 1. Write down the most tragic thought you have about money; your biggest heartache. 2. Read it out loud and tear the paper into pieces. 3. Next burn it while saying, "Thank you for this lesson that helped me change how I think. Now I have only positive thoughts about money."

2. Cut Some Corners.

We grew up with particular ideas about how to make good in the world. One of the most prevalent ideas was to go to school, go to university, and get a good job; then your money worries would be over. Whatever you do, don’t wander off the path you’ve been taught.

Time to cut some corners and head down a different path.

  • Do you really need to go to college?
  • Why not go to work, travel and then try college?
  • Or join the military or try a job in sales.

This is your life, you’re free to make choices other than the ones you were handed. When you’re willing to consider alternative paths, you’ll find the number of choices presented to you will multiply

. All it takes is faith in your own decision-making ability. And now you have that.

3. Lose Your Big But.

The “but” with only 1 letter T, not 2 Ts!

For instance, maybe you’ve said something like this "Wow, 5 ways to change my money mindset in the next 60 seconds; that sounds good." Then you think, "Sure, that sounds good... BUT, how could that happen, and even if it could happen, it would not happen to me. I’ve been trying for so long and nothing works", and now you’ve talked yourself out of trying before you even started.

In fact, it’s simple to lose that BUT. The next time that negative BUT thought comes up, you simply say, "I used to think that way, and I’ve changed. Now I am using this new positive idea to feel better."

4. Do Some Shots.

No, not tequila; something better. When we do shots; it changes our mindset instantly. Some small glasses filled with liquor and your brain thinks differently.

Instead of slugging down powerfully alcoholic beverages to influence our minds, let’s take in some powerfully positive thoughts. Perhaps "I deserve to have plenty of money right now” or “I’m smart enough to create a way to bring in more wealth" or "I am changing the way I think about money right now."

This will change your thinking without suffering a hangover in the morning.

5. Forget About It.

Easier said than done? Not so. Forgetting is easier than remembering. If you’ve ever misplaced your house key, you know this is true.

This time you are going to forget your old thoughts about money. They didn’t help you much and it is alright to let them go.

You can only think a single thought at a time. The biggest issue with changing what you think is that you keep thinking the same thought over and over again. This keeps your brain so busy it is difficult to think new thoughts -- even ones you want.

The simplest way to think new thoughts is deliberately, so that your mind concentrates on these new ideas and you forget the old ones.

This is how affirmations work. You think new thoughts until they become your habit. You don’t have to force the old thoughts away you just think the new thoughts on purpose.

Sometimes the old way of thinking will pop back in to see if they are still welcome. In that case, you return to thinking your new thought, until the old one drifts away.

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There they are, 5 quick ways to change your money mindset in 60 seconds. Pick one right now, and do it. It only takes a short time to complete and when you do you’ll feel so much better that you will wonder how you ever thought any other way.

Did you try any of these 5 ways out for yourself? Did they work for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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