5 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations

We know that everything is energy. Einstein (and other scientists) have taught us that.

At the subatomic level of matter, particles are known to vibrate at very high speeds. The rate at which they vibrate is called frequency. Radio is an example of information transmitted at a certain frequency.

The amazing thing to understand is that even your thoughts have a vibrational frequency too. And the better you feel, the higher your frequency.

And you can influence and raise your frequency.

The law of attraction is the concept and teaching that you attract things, people, circumstances and events into your life based upon the frequency that you emit.

  • If you choose to feel bad (lower vibrational frequencies) then you will be a vibrational match for things, people and circumstances in your life that you probably do not want. Not good!
  • Likewise, if you choose to feel good (higher vibrational frequencies) then you will be a vibrational match for things, people and circumstances in your life that you do want – the good things!

The question then becomes, how do we get and maintain those higher frequencies in life?

Here are Five Different Ways in Order to Get Into a Higher Vibrational Frequency.

1. Meditation.

Meditation is one of the best ways to raise your frequency because it allows you to stop all of those negative thoughts that you may have. It is also one of the easiest!

The only drawback to meditation is that you really do need to have a quiet place to sit for at least 15 minutes undisturbed.

Here is how to meditate:

No 1. Get a timer. Set it for 20 minutes or get some of our meditation mp3s.
No 2. Find a quiet place and a comfortable chair where you can sit up.

The problem with lying down is that you may tend to fall asleep. If you fall asleep, then you obviously needed the sleep. For meditating, it's best to sit up.

No 3. Start your timer, close your eyes, and take a deep breath in.

Hold it for a few seconds, and then let it out

. Do that three times.

The whole point to meditating is to stop your incessant negative thoughts, and to become more centered.

Being centered simply means becoming aware of your body and your immediate surroundings. That is called mindfulness – it's the ability to live in the present moment, or to become present.

  • Next, become aware of your surroundings by listening to everything around you. What do you hear? Whatever you hear, label the sound. So, if you hear a car driving by, say in your mind, “Car driving by.” If you hear the motor of a fan, say to yourself “Fan blowing.” If you hear a clock ticking, say “clock ticking,”.
  • If you think a thought, and you will, just let it come and go like a breeze. Become the observer of your thoughts and let it simply pass by you as if it was a float in a parade. Don't react to any thought.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to meditate! The worst thing you can do is to harshly judge whether or not you are doing it right.

2. Take a nap!

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just go and take a nap!

The truth about napping and sleep is that when you drift off to sleep, you actually connect on a deep level with your non-physical self.

There are many benefits to napping – so much so that there has even become a term for it – the power nap. The power nap is taking a nap in the early to late afternoon so that one can energize and restart their system. Studies have shown that workers are much more effective when they have a power nap!

3. Go for a walk.

One of the best ways to raise your vibration is to get out and enjoy the exercise.

Go for a walk. If you are a runner, then run. The point is to get out there and move around to energize your body, get your mind off of your troubles, and to feel better. It's great for your heart, your circulatory system, and your legs!

4. Pet an Animal.

Another great way to quickly and easily feel better is to pet an animal.

All animals are pure positive energy, and are actually here for us in order to balance out humanity. So, use them!

Go pet your cat or dog. If you don't have one, then go pet one of your neighbor's cats or dogs, or find some furry animal somewhere that you can pet.

Dogs and other animals can help people heal - that is why many of them are used in hospitals. Why? Because they instantly help patients to feel better.

5. Do anything that feels good.

  • Do you like to read a good book? Then read!
  • Do you like to golf? Then golf!
  • Do you like to swim? Then swim!

Do what you like/love to do and do it simply for the pure enjoyment of doing it.

Whatever you do, let go of any guilt that you may have in doing what you love. Guilt is a very low frequency. The point is that there is no one perfect answer for all of us, and also the perfect answer may change for you depending upon your mood.

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The bottom line? Go with your gut...