Our powerful core law of attraction meditation - designed to penetrate into your mind and enhance your ability to successfully manifest whatever your desires and goals are!

Law of Attraction CD Album Cover
  • Have you tried using the principles of the law of attraction, only for them to fail?
  • Perhaps you see some results, but they are inconsistent, or you can't seem to manifest the bigger things you really want?
  • Or maybe you have watched movies and read all the books but still you can't get it to work for you?

If you have tried everything that all the books have taught you, and all the masters have shown you then you'll know just how frustrating it is to see other people having success with the law of attraction but not you.

For some people manifesting comes effortlessly, it is just natural - they float through life and get things coming to them like a magnet. Perhaps they tell you about the amazing "lucky" coincidences, meetings and opportunities they come across constantly.

They just walk through life and manifest - they don't do it accidentally either, they aim for it, they believe it is possible and things just happen for them. They are the "natural manifestor"

What's their Secret?

Well firstly, there is no secret really, and there is also no huge difference between them and you. You can be like this too, it just takes a few tweaks within your subconscious mind and your mindset.

The real secret that's not a secret - is belief. If you have any doubts in your mind about the law of attraction really working, then it will not work for you... even the smallest subconscious doubts.

This meditation aims to give a deep belief in the powers of the law of attraction and finally make it work for you.

The only other difference between these "naturals" and you, is that they are vibrating on the same frequency through every element of their being - in their subconscious thoughts, they conscious thoughts, their desires, and finally their physical actions and behavior.

Perhaps you are 90% there - you take positive action, you have strong beliefs and put out strong intentions, but perhaps deep down you have doubts or a lack of belief in your subconscious mind, or just some of your "elements" of manifestation are not completely aligned.

If this is the case, then even though you are 90% there, you won't see 90% of the results.. you will only see perhaps a small benefit... you need to completely believe and be completely internally and externally aligned in your beliefs, subconscious thoughts and outwards physical actions.

This is exactly why we created this meditation album. Through this natural, visual, meditative journey, you will:

  • Gain a deep belief that the law of attraction will work for you. This is the missing link, and with this meditation you will gain the belief required to manifest your desires in life on a DEEP subconscious level, and you will see massive improvements in your manifestation ability.
  • Align your conscious and subconscious mind. Alignment is all about bringing your subconscious thoughts and beliefs into line with your conscious thoughts and actions. Once aligned, anything is possible for you to manifest.
  • Enhance your creative visualization skills. Most of us think in pictures, and once you enhance your visualization skills your success with the law of attraction will dramatically increase.
  • Gain more consistency in manifestation. Manifesting will stop being hit and miss, it will become much more natural - just an extension of who you are and you will see much more positive and consistent results in your daily life.

Imagine for a few seconds how it would feel to have a goal in life and the ability to effectively use the law of attraction to help you get it. You would sit down and relax and vividly see yourself reaching your goal, and then, using the power of your mind, this goal would be actualized for you in real life. Imagine if you could do that with all your goals one by one, day by day and the life you could soon literally create for yourself.

This is really possible! With a unique blend of meditation and guided visualization we have created a powerful way to get the law of attraction working for you and help you live your dream lifestyle.

What to Expect

This session will see you standing in a beautiful grass covered field and then sitting back against a strong oak tree overlooking an amazing vista. This is a really visually stimulating album which will expand your mind and your visualization skills

The final part in this session will see you floating through the universe where you will state your desired outcome in order for the alignment of your subconscious mind with your conscious mind to happen.

Short Term

The first time you use this meditation, you will state a small desire. Within a few days your desire will come to you. This is feedback from the universe showing you that what you are doing is truly working.

You will also begin to feel something strange happening, in that your beliefs will become stronger and your will feel more confident about your future.

Long Term

Over the long term the law of attraction will begin to feel natural to you and you will use it every day to get what you want out of life and to help others in their lives.

Ultimately manifestation will become more natural.. just a part of your life.. a part of who you are.

Take your law of attraction skills to a completely new level, and manifest your dream life with this completely unique meditative experience.