6 Ways Positive Thinking Will Change Your Life

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice that thorn bushes have roses. ~ Abraham Lincoln

We already know that positive people are happier people. Good things happen to them and for them. They maintain a positive mindset day in and day out.

Research has even shown that positive thinkers live longer. But we already knew all that, right?

Then, of course, there are those that don't believe in any of that “change your thoughts, change your life” stuff.

Nonsense they say. They say that bad stuff happens to good, happy people and good stuff happens to bad, miserable people.

True enough, however, your chances of great things consistently happening to you increases tenfold when you adopt a positive mindset. It's not just about good things coming into our lives though, it's also about how it makes us feel emotionally and physically too. Read on and see how positive thinking really can change your life.

How Positive Thinking Really Can Change Your Life.

1. Happy is contagious.

Ever notice when you meet someone for the first time and they are happy and optimistic, their energy gradually spreads to you and then YOU feel happy and optimistic?

A positive attitude is far better to spread and share than a negative one. When you leave your mark on someone, make it a good one. Far too many of us know that one person that is always so negative. When they leave the room you need to perform a space clearing to get rid of the toxic energy.

Don't be that person. Spread sunshine, not dark clouds. It certainly is rewarding when you know you have touched someone in such a way that they still think positive thoughts long after you've left.

It really opens your eyes to the effects you have on people with the mood you are in. When you think, act and talk positive, other people catch on and want to be like that too!. That's life changing.

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2. Energy to spare


Next time you are sitting around sulking and feeling sorry for yourself, take notice of how much energy you have.

I'd wager a guess that you probably have little to none. Negative thinking is an energy sapper. We have no motivation to do anything.

Now take note, on a happy positive good day, how much energy you have. Tons, right? You feel like you can climb a mountain, run a marathon, float on cloud 9. Positive thinking leads to more energy. More energy leads to a happier healthier life.

3. Better opportunities for advancement at work.

Someone in your workplace is going to get a promotion. It's between positive Patty and negative Nellie. Take a guess. Who gets the job?

Patty has a better shot at attracting this promotion because she has a positive mindset which shows up in her attitude at work. Nellie may have more experience but she doesn't have the mentality for it.

Positive thinking leads to job advancements and much more success in the workplace.

So who's life is changing now? Well Nellie will still be negative because she didn't get the job whereas Patty will be doing the happy dance because her career just moved up a couple of notches.

4. People love you and want to be around you.

  • You're that go to person when someone needs cheering up.
  • You're that person that walks into a room and lights it up with your aura.
  • People admire, respect and love you. Some people may even want to be just like you.

Who doesn't want to be that person? When you know that people think and feel this way about you because of your beautiful attitude, well that's just plain beautiful. What a wonderful life.

5. Take more chances.

When you maintain a positive attitude you are much more willing and eager to take chances on things you wouldn't have if your attitude was different. Positive thinking leads to having more self confidence and faith.

We tend to want to try new things because whether or not we succeed is not nearly as important as the fact that we found the courage within ourselves to do it. Face fear, stare it down with your positive thinking glare and flick it away. That's how positive people roll.

6. Have a better grip on the curve balls life throws at us.

Life isn't always going to be easy. Positive attitude and thinking or not, sometimes life throws some pretty crappy things our way.

How we react and handle certain situations can either make us or break us. Positive thinking will keep you level headed and optimistic. It is much easier to think clearly when we maintain a positive mindset.

To go off on a tailspin in a bad situation will just set off a chain reaction of more bad things. This can be avoided when we think positively. Relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and find the good in a bad situation.

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It takes just as much energy to think positive as it does to think negative. How do you want to use up your energy today? Choose wisely. This is the only life you get. Make it a good one. Make it count.

How has positivity reflected in your life? What chances did you take when you changed the way you look at life, that you otherwise wouldn't? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.