7 Widespread Beliefs That Keep You Stuck

Chances for growth and self-improvement abound. We stagnate, though, when we're afraid of change - even though we are all capable of changing easily.

Society and the people we know put limits on us by showing us what’s acceptable and they expect us to behave in a specific way. If you have an opportunity to move forward do you take it, or do you cling to the following beliefs?

The 7 Beliefs That Keep People Stuck.

1. It’s too late to change.

Routines and habits become the norm for so long that meaningful change feels impossible. Do you reason that it’s too late for you to go on new adventures or to learn new skills? You think that they won't be useful for you and that you've missed the train?

It's never too late to change. Don't settle for more of the same because you fear the unknown or because you are afraid to succeed.

Clever planning, the right support channels (via family, friends and your sorrundings) and grabbing our genitals and going for it make anything possible.

2. I’ll change in the future.

Charles Dickens wrote, “Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.

We love to put off for tomorrow what we should do today. It’s how we stay in our comfort zones. We convince ourselves that if we don’t face issues holding us back, they’ll magically disappear. Bigger and better opportunities will arise if we wait.

Procrastination stunts growth, and you lose out if you don't seize opportunities at once. You become accustomed to postponing productivity, so unless you defeat procrastination you stay where you are indefinitely.

3. I'm not good enough.

A lack of confidence causes people to fear success.

  • You dream big, but you can't imagine achieving your dreams.
  • You don't trust your skills and talents, so you imagine failure.
  • Perhaps you compare your achievements with the success of others. Do you consider their circumstances and the challenges they might have faced?

Have confidence in your own abilities

. There's no reason they can't help you to reach your goals. Trust in your strengths. You are good enough.

4. People will disapprove.

  • Do you worry about how others perceive you?
  • Does acceptance from people comfort you?

People who care give their support and blessings when you try to make your life better. They encourage creativity, and they give advice on avoiding pitfalls. Is there a valid reason for their disapproval?

It's satisfying when you please others because you gain self-esteem. That self esteem you've gained is there only short term, as the looks of disapproval dash the spirit, and you don't want to lose the respect you've worked so hard to earn - so you'll do anything to hold on.

Work on pleasing yourself, not other people - you shouldn't care about what others think.

5. It’s a waste of time to dream.

A tough world makes tough people. It might seem logical to expect the least from life because then it can't disappoint you. You give up on dreaming altogether when life's challenges your dreams. Dreaming becomes pointless and a waste of time and effort.

Some of the most successful people failed countless times before they succeeded. J.K Rowling, Michael Jordan, Einstein - they all experienced failures, but we know how things turned out for them.

They had plans, and when they failed, they formed new, better plans. It's never a waste of time to go after fulfilling your potential.

6. You must please everybody.

If you always say “yes” to people, you have little time for yourself. People do this to earn respect, admiration and even love. Their true selves won’t win people over, they reason.

Realize that you don’t need to move heaven and earth for others to earn their respect. Make things happen for yourself, and don't abandon your passions and dreams. The funny thing is that when you are capable of saying NO - you'll attract the right people into your life and get rid of the ones that are there only to squeeze everything that they can out of you.

7. Everything you do has to be perfect.

Perfectionism takes a heavy toll on self-esteem. Standards set are too high and are impossible to reach.

These goals are hard to achieve because there is no universal standard of perfection. What's perfect for me could be mediocre in your eyes. You will lose yourself in an endless maze, forever searching for the perfect outcome.

Allow yourself to take risks, to explore, and to make mistakes. This is the true path to continuous self-improvement.

I realize that it's difficult to abandon the beliefs that we grow up with or that culture and society impose on us. Be courageous and reach for those new and unfamiliar opportunities.

Forward momentum is essential for a satisfying life. You don’t need to travel at the speed of light, but make sure you’re always moving forward, even if inch by inch.