7 Steps You Must Take Right Now To Get Your Dream Job

Wanting a dream job can feel a little like believing in Santa Claus. It's fun, but you never really think something special is going to appear one magical morning.

But what if your dream job was more than just a fantasy?

What if you could actually figure out what your dream job is - in your real life, not in the version of your life where you're a 22 year-old globe-trotting secret agent?

And what if you could also manifest your dream job once you've defined it?

Of course you can. This view is nothing short of monumental for those struggling with jobs that are less than ideal. Because your life is no place to play small. It rides hard and fast but you hold the reins.

Message from Guided Mind: Land that dream job - you can do it!

Here are 7 steps to you must take right now to find and attract your dream job.

They work even if your dream job turns out to be your own business, so that you can be the best and happiest version of you possible.

1. Figure out What You Want.

Dig deep to truly understand what you want.

  • What matters most to you?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you love to help people with?
  • What is your "why"?

Don't make the mistake of thinking something would be fun without examining it from all angles, and don't be discouraged by people who have been jaded by jobs they don't like.

Just because they have gone sour doesn't mean you won't love it!

You have to really understand what speaks to you and not let "shoulds" get in the way. What matters most is what you care about.

2. Think Bigger.

When it comes to living your dreams, stop thinking small.

Small thinking is almost always due to a lack of confidence (could I really do that??) Think about only exactly what you want.

If you would like to write small articles and get paid a decent living for it, then focus on that. But if what you really want is to become a best selling author then set your sights on that.

Anything less is heartbreaking


3. Believe in Yourself.

You won't get very far in anything if you don't believe you can.

Believing that you can design your career path and that you can control the outcome is fundamental in creating a dream career. What you do and how you think about your ability to influence things matters.

4. Understand What Works In Your Real Life.

When it comes to finding a dream job that works in your real life, you need to understand what you're willing to change and what you're not.

Are you happy to move? Travel? Undergo hours of training and tests of endurance??

Whatever you're willing to do or not do, be clear from the outset.

Your new job and the universe will demand something of you as you learn, grow, and become more YOU, but if you're intentional about what you'd rather not change you can design your life yourself.

5. Let Go of Fear.

You might always feel a little bit afraid. Or a lot. But learning to move through that fear - to feel it and do something anyway - is key to living a dream.


Because my guess is that getting to your dream in reality takes chops.

Your dream job is probably not lying on the couch and eating peanut butter sandwiches all day. It might be for about two weeks, but then you'd be bored.

Instead, you'd rather be traveling the world, interviewing the rich and famous, being the rich and famous, or doing something else amazing.

Amazing usually equals stepping out of your comfort zone once or twice, so get used to it.

Look at it as fun, even!

6. Keep Moving.

It's important to take action even if you don't know what the next step is. Sometimes you know that something will move you in the right direction, and you have to trust the process even if you can't see the whole path.

7. Push Yourself.

Reach for things - experiences, challenges, connections, anything - beyond what you might have reached for before.

Set the bar higher. Don't settle.

If you think that knowing a certain person would help you on your path toward your dream job, reach out and introduce yourself.

If you want to be the best chef in your city, you must constantly push yourself to improve. You can't stay still until you get where you want to be . . . and even then you need to keep growing and improving.

Your dream job is within your reach. Imagine it, define it, believe in yourself and then move forward with conviction and confidence.

It's not easy to chart your course to your dream job (or business), but you can do it! These are the 7 things you must start doing right now that will help you get there.

Keep going and don't stop. There are so many gifts still waiting in your future.

Jessica Sweet is a career and small business coach for creative thinkers and passionate people who want to stop being bored at work and find out what is possible for them.

You can find out more about her at www.wishingwellcoach.com where she has a blog and a membership site dedicated to supporting career changers and those seeking their dream jobs - The Career Changer's Secret Weapon.

She has also written for The Huffington Post, The Brazen Careerist and been featured in places like CNBC, Business Insider and HayHouse Radio. You can also find her giggling with her two little girls.