7 Ways Your Future Self Will Be Your Best Self

Some of us still aren’t sure of who we are.

  • Maybe we struggle with insecurity about our body image or our ambitions.
  • Maybe we made some mistakes before that still haunt us to this day - we are forced to bear the burden of regret, trying to move on without thinking about it.

We have good days and we have bad days. As any optimist would tell you, we just have to keep on living.

And thankfully, we do...

Despite any shortcomings we have today, this is the fuel for our fire for the future. We continue to grow and develop as people, and that’s why we have to keep fighting on.

The light at the end of the tunnel? That your future you will be the best, strongest, smartest, and wisest you, that you will ever be. Let’s see why.

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1. We’ve overcome everything.

Everyone will tell you that they’ve been through a lot - of course they have - we’re all human beings! We all have been through a lot.

You might not be fending off hunger, walking miles for freshwater, or survived Siberian winters, but from our domestic perspective, we have all endured the hardships we have to do endure as people.

  • We’ve made mistakes that directly change the path for our future.
  • We’ve gone the wrong way.
  • We’ve made impulsive decisions.

If you think you’ve been through it all by now, wait a few more years and see how much stronger you will become. Life continues to challenge us even to our last days. The future you will certainly have the solution for you, for everything.

2. Good-bye regret.

Maybe breaking up with him wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe we should have taken that job. You’ll never know now, and you might regret it forever.

Regret is something we constantly struggle with in life because as human beings we are intelligent enough to be able to recognize the cause and effect of decision making and the different paths they lead us down.

We play “what if?” a hundred times a day when we are bored, looking for ways to validate the reason why we are here now and fantasize about what could have been


But as we grow older, our tendency to hang on to regret diminishes.

  • We realize that our life will always take us down so many paths and that it is not worth wasting any time on the grief of choice.
  • We learn to be more confident with our choices and accept the consequences quicker.
  • What used to be a year of depression when we were younger is now just a few moments as we are older.

Your older self will be more confident and less concerned about regret - and ultimately, a more content person!

3. Wisdom.

With the confidence of choice also comes something we wonder so much about when we are younger - what is wisdom? Why are old people considered wise?

  • It’s because of the reasons we talked about before.
  • It’s because they are confident when they make choices - they’ve already made all the bad ones!
  • It’s because they are less concerned about regret - they don’t waste time on grief!
  • It’s because their moods don’t swing out of order - they live with peace.

Every day you get older should be cherished, as it is another day of life, experience, growth and learning under your belt. You will be able to be more wise, not to others but mostly importantly to yourself, and be able to guide your body and spirit accordingly through the rest of your days.

4. Be your own best friend.

Gone are the days of seeking social acceptance and striving to be the who’s who.

  • In the future, you will completely content with your own thoughts, value your alone time, and you will never say no to a nap.
  • You will need less reassurance from others because you will already be so assured in your self.
  • Your inner monologue will be the soundtrack to every great day that you have because you will not have to second guess yourself.
  • You will find boundless relief in this discovery, and enjoy living life at your own pace.

5. Know who you are.

After decades of experimentation with lifestyles, philosophies, ideas, locations people, places, surroundings... finally, in the future you will become ever closer to finding the real you.

As our early 20’s was one stage, thirties another, and so on, every month and year that passes lets us really tune in to who we truly are, confidently.

You may have locked in to the details of who you are already, but as we age we get to fine tune all the necessary details to create our most well rounded and grateful embodiment yet.

6. Get great advice - from yourself.

In the future, you will need fewer mentors and guides because you will have discovered that you are your greatest guide.

As we tweak our personality continually through growth we become acutely aware of our reactions and responses to everything, allowing us to make impulsively sound decisions, and not have to second guess anything.

We know the best way for us already, and don’t need to look for advice - we are a fountain of information and our own pillar of thought.

7. Thank yourself!

Finally, give yourself thanks - for all the hardships throughout the years, all the achievements and struggles.

You have only yourself to thank, you have pushed all the buttons to get yourself into the future, and, looking back, you should give yourself thanks for everything you’ve learned and discovered.

In the future you will be able to look into a mirror and accurately guide yourself through life, having the reflection of years of beautiful experience to thank.

You are wise, bold and confident. Congratulations!