9 Signs that You are a Fringe Dweller

Fringe Dwellers are people who don’t fit the norm. I say they are not hippy revolutionaries living rough, or social weirdoes; the one’s I speak of are ordinary people, you can’t tell them apart from others. It’s their minds that are different. They don’t relate to the rules and regulations of the status quo, the rhythms of a tick-tock life leaves them uninspired and listless. ~Stuart Wilde

9 Signs that You are a Fringe Dweller.

1. From a very early age you have known that you were different.

Feeling different scares children, as we are taught through various subtle cues that being different is not OK. I'm sure you, as well as I, felt this too.

If you often asked yourself...

  • Why was I made differently?
  • Why I don't seem to fit in (anywhere)?

... Then you are likely a fringe dweller. And over time you've learned to live with the 'normal people' or so called tick tockers and have found a likeminded group or at least close to it - and very likely, they are fringe dwellers too.

2. You feel the pain of others.

Strong empathy from an early age is a good sign that you are a fringe dweller.

This is perfectly normal for fringe dwellers, but one thing they need to be careful of is not to expose themselves to too much pain of other people, because it leads to bad emotions and a bad place in life. It's important to remember that if you can't help yourself - you won't be able to help others neither.

3. You feel there is something more to this life.

And you are constantly seeking it. The answers reveal themselves little by little and you make more sense of what life is as time goes on.

The truth is that the fringe dwellers are living on a slightly different vibration compared to most people. That is why they are called fringe dwellers after all. :)

4. You get bored easily with life.

This one needs rephrasing: You are a fringe dweller if you easily get bored of the lifestyle fed to us by media


  • Get a 9 to 5 job.
  • Ger married.
  • Buy a house.
  • Have kids.
  • Get kids through college.
  • Retire. Die...

There's no room for real growth in that kind of a life. I can see it working for some, but not most of us. Fringe dwellers need to experience something new, to do things of their own, to do what their soul desires... And not to follow the norm.

5. You are highly creative.

Fringe dwellers are highly creative and have an urge to express that creativity. Writing, arts, experimenting with boundaries... Talking about more than just the latest poll predictions.

We have created a guided meditation to help you tap into that creativity. Enjoy it!

6. You need a lot of alone time.

Most people increase their energy when they are around other people. For fringe dwellers, like introverts, the opposite is true - they need a lot of alone time to feel that their world is in balance.

This is you if you life to be outdoors, if you love the forest, the sea, the plains and the mountains... Anything that is natural simply draws you. Being alone makes even more sense in nature.

7. Little coincidences are happening more in your life.

Fringe dwellers are more open than most people to higher consciousness and thus vibrate at different frequencies than most.

Don't be surprised when little coincidences, like bumping into a person who can best help you solve your problem, or thinking about somebody who calls you just an hour later, or reading the rigth article at just the right moment start happening to you more often when you seek to gain higher understanding.

8. You are attracted to lots of different spiritual teachings.

Fringe dwellers are open minded and are able to take the essence of spiritual teachings to heart.

That is why they love exploring both other religions and other spiritual teachings too. They see the benefit of experimenting with a plethora of teachings and practices, and taking the best from each.

9. You don't want a normal job.

Fringe dwellers prefer 'fringe' jobs - saving endangered animals in remote rainforests, helping children in Africa build their schools, freelancing...

They are similar to the millennial generation in that they love the freedom of being able to work on a meaningful tasks, when they want, where they want, even if the pay is significantly lower. Fringe dwellers just can't accept a 9 to 5 job for life.

Our guided meditation track can help you attract your ideal job - so if you don't already have one, have a listen now.

What about you?

You are not a weirdo, or strange, you are just on a different level of consciousness and know there is something more that you need to get from life.

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