A 10 Step Recipe for Relationships that Last Forever

Great relationships take work. They take patience, compassion, maturity, understanding, caring, listening...

This is a 10 step list to cooking up a great relationship with your partner or friend, and having it last forever. Please enjoy it. :)

1. Gather all of the ingredients together, so that they are close at hand!

This step is a bit confusing, as all ingredients are listed below. :) But please bare with me.

2. Get a clean cloth and wipe the bowl clean of any lingering dust from the past.

Don't let past actions dictate your future ones. Let go of the past mistakes you and your significant other made, and continue as if they were insignificant.

3. Take maturity, respect and friendship and stir gently.

When you act in a mature way and respect your partner, you will listen to anything they have to say closely and without judgment. From there, you can both proceed knowing that you've been heard and that your partner is well aware of your needs.

4. Add unlimited amounts of compassion and kindness and mix well.

Compassionate and kind partners make us feel loved, even if they cannot agree with what we want to do. They understand that this is something that will make us whole.

5. To this, add caring by the handfuls and fold in trust.

Even if our partner can't agree with what we need to do, they can care for us and have faith in us to care for them and their needs and not just our own.

6. Continue stirring gently, adding listening, honesty and large amounts of communication.

Communicating all the time is what will get you to understand each other. Remember the golden rule: Listen twice as much as you speak.

7. Slip in some dreams, goals and firm pieces of keeping promises.

Have dreams and goals together, but have ones just for yourself too. And always keep your promises to your partner, above all other people

. This will help the relationship last forever.

8. Bake in a home filled with peace, beauty and serenity.

When your home is peaceful and serene, you are more likely to open up to your partner, as is your partner to open up to you. Peace and serenity go together with trust and communication.

9. Before you taste the finished product, sprinkle liberally with patience, love and a touch of spice.

Being patient is probably the key to every lasting relationship. Nothing worthwhile comes over night, you have to work for it. Similarly, when something is not working in your relationship, give yourselves time to fix it.

10. Serve very hot, with imagination on the side.

Enjoy your relationship - forever. :) In case you have difficulties, try our guided meditation to heal all relationships.

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