Are These 7 Costly Mistakes Keeping You Stuck?

After my keynote speeches and live events, people would come up to me and say something like this: “Noah, I'm stuck. It seems like I’m working harder and harder just to stay in place. Can you help me get unstuck?

It happened so much that I started doing exhaustive research to answer two basic questions:

  1. What does “being stuck” really mean?; and
  2. Is there a SYSTEM to help people get unstuck?

After years of research and experimentation, I developed a foolproof system to help busy people get unstuck and automate their business.

When I coach entrepreneurs, executives, athletes or celebrities, one of the places we start is to examine these 7 mistakes that keep many people stuck.

Read this list and see if you’re making any of these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Lack of Belief in Yourself.

Many people don't have enough confidence to think they can do it.

That leads to many missed opportunities, because they’re telling themselves that they're not good enough or they need to “be someone else” in order to have the success that they want.

How to fix this mistake: Remember that you are enough.

Mistake #2: Lack of a Support System.

This is closely related to a lack of a belief in yourself – because if you don't have people who believe in you, it's awfully hard to believe in yourself.

Do the people in your life support you when you tell them your dreams… or make fun of you? Do they say things like, “That's impossible! What makes you think you can do THAT?

How to fix this mistake: Get new friends. Join a Mastermind group to support you in reaching your goals and dreams.

Mistake #3: Lack of Organization.

Many of my clients – even celebrities and high-level executives – come to me because they’re struggling with clutter in their home or office. Clutter often leads to things like chronic lateness and constantly feeling overwhelmed.

Do you have trouble finding important papers, files, or your keys? Do you find yourself constantly late or worried about impending deadlines? Lack of organization is often the culprit


How to fix this mistake: Get organized. Hire a professional organizer if you need outside help.

Mistake #4: Fear of Failure.

The fear of failure leads to behaviors like paralysis by analysis: waiting for everything to be “perfect” before you take action.

But guess what? In business, just like in life, nothing is ever perfect! You're never really ‘ready.’ You just have to take inspired ACTION.

I can't tell you how many times I’ve failed or missed my goals. I spent more than $250,000 to learn how to run a profitable company and be successful. I’ve been betrayed by people I trusted and taken advantage of because I trusted the wrong people.

How to fix this mistake: Don’t let fear of failure stop you. Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Mistake #5: Fear of Success.

Ironically, the fear of success means that you're waiting again (like when you have the fear of failure); but in this case, you might be afraid of losing your so-called “friends” when you become really successful.

Notice how many of these costly mistakes are related to lack of a support system? The fear of failure, the fear of success -- it sounds counterintuitive, but they really go hand-in-hand.

How to fix this mistake: Don’t let fear of success stop you either. Success and failure are like the ocean tides – they come and they go.

Mistake #6: Lack of Effective Strategy.

Do you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing every day in your business? Are you doing it – or chasing every “shiny object” that comes down the pike?

Maybe you’re working hard, but seeing others who are less qualified than you are, getting ahead of you. That's one of the worst pains there is -- seeing people who aren't even as good as you, become more successful than you!

How to fix this mistake: Hire a mentor and get an effective strategy.

Mistake #7: Failing to Take Appropriate Action.

Procrastination. Putting off things that can help you reach your goals. Overwhelm. Stress. These are all the results of not taking appropriate action.

There are thousands of things you COULD do today. But are you doing the right things and doing them on a daily basis?

How to fix this mistake: Go with your gut and take one inspired action every day.

Noah’s Note: Getting unstuck means taking inspired action on a daily basis. Take action and celebrate your accomplishments. The results will amaze you!

Noah St. John is a keynote speaker and best-selling author who is famous for inventing Afformations® and helping busy executives and mission-driven entrepreneurs enjoy personal and financial freedom. His sought-after advice is known as the “secret sauce” in business and personal growth.

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