Are We Mortal or Immortal and Do We Reincarnate to Live Multiple Lives?

In this third installment of our 10 article series that attempts to explain our spiritual self and answer age old questions we will explore immortality and reincarnation.

We recommend that you read the first article of the series - it can be found here. In the first article you will figure out the answers to the questions like What are we? Are we physical beings with minds? Are we spiritual beings? What is the nature of this reality? What does it mean to live consciously?

So, do we die or do we live forever? Can and do we reincarnate and thus live multiple lives?

Are we mortal or immortal?

You can be either. You can even make part of yourself immortal and another part mortal.

All of these aspects of your soul are being explored.

You can consciously choose which aspects of this existence you’d like to explore and experience. Or you can be passive and not make any conscious choices, and the choices will be made for you.

If you aren’t sure if you’re mortal or immortal, then the foil - the universe - will choose for you. You find out what decision was made when you die.

If, however, you want to consciously create the experience of a limited or unlimited existence, then channel your energy towards whichever experience you desire.

The higher your consciousness is and the more powerful you are, the greater will be your ability to influence the way you experience this existence.

So a good place to start is to channel more energy into living consciously. This gives you more power to choose.

Do we reincarnate and live multiple lives?

If you want to, you can do that. But it isn’t necessary.

There are broader possibilities to explore than simply reincarnating as a human being or an animal again and again.

  • You can choose to exist as a non-physical being for a while

. + You can become nothingness. + You can explore a god-like existence. + You can enter a dream-like state. + You can be a spooky ghost if you want. + If you can imagine it, you can explore it. What appeals to you?

Again, if you don’t use your power to make a conscious choice for yourself, then the choice will be made for you.

You’ve already seen how this works in your human life. When you make choices for yourself, you get to participate in directing your experience. Since your power is limited, you won’t usually have perfect control over your experience, but you can influence how it turns out.

Wherever you don’t make choices, those choices will be made for you. Sometimes it will appear as though other people are making choices for you and sometimes events will seem to happen based on randomness, coincidence, synchronicity or luck.

If you like the idea of reincarnating as a human being, and if you adopt such a belief, then you can have that experience as much as you desire.

Eventually you’ll grow bored of it, and you’ll choose to experience something else.

Written by Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina is a human alarm clock - he wakes up people who are sleeping through life. Steve has a personal development blog for smart people, which you can follow here: