How to Feel Safe and Secure in This Life?

Trust the universe. Trust this reality. Trust this existence. Ultimately there’s no other way. ~ Steve Pavlina

This is the 5th article in our series about life and the biggest questions we ask - those that have no easy answers.

In this article you will read about ways to feel safe in this world; how to think about safety and how to achieve it - and even why not feeling safe is perfectly ok.

On we go...

Either you trust this reality, or you don’t. If you’re not sure, it means you don’t. This type of trust is either absolute, or it’s nothing. There’s no gray zone.

You can’t use the Scientific Method to make this decision because you’d have to understand the nature of reality first, and that’s unknowable.

There’s no way to know that this whole reality isn’t just some form of dream. You can only study what flows and manifests through the foil, but you can’t directly get at the foil yourself, at least not through objective science.

Imagine the universe as a gigantic sheet of aluminum foil with billions of tiny indentations in it, like protruding fingers. As individuals we’re the dents. Collectively we’re the foil. You can choose to adopt either perspective, or switch back and forth. You can experience oneness as well as individuality.

  • The challenge here is akin to studying and learning about your brain while you’re sleeping.
  • Through your dreams you may learn some things about your brain, but you can’t directly get access to the brain itself from within the dream world because you’re stuck inside of the brain’s simulation.
  • Any science you do within the brain is only dream science.
  • If you assume that the dream world is a real and objective place, your assumption is actually creating that experience.
  • While you’re dreaming you can’t learn the truth about the brain because the simulation can send you around in endless circles trying to figure it out.
  • So the best you can do within the dream is to become lucid, to realize you’re dreaming, and then to explore within the dream world

. Become a better dreamer.

You can still study and explore science within the dream world. Just be aware that you’re studying dream science, whereby your discoveries aren’t actually objective observations. Within the dream world, observation and creation are inseparable.

Do You Trust the Universe? Do You Believe that the Universe Will Keep You Safe?

If you believe that the universe is a purely objective space, then by definition you are an object. As an object you can be crushed, burned, broken, etc.

If being stamped out of existence or otherwise physically harmed feels threatening to you, then you can never feel safe here. You will perceive threats to yourself. You’ll always feel vulnerable to various forms of harm.

If you do trust the universe, then whatever happens to you, you’ll assume that whatever the universe sends your way, it’s ultimately for your benefit. You’ll assume that all events and experiences have a positive purpose. But in order to have this experience, you’ll need to create and explore the experience of a non-objective universe.

You may still feel frustrated or react negatively to events at times, but when you’re at your best, you’ll forgive, let of the grudges and trust.

This won’t necessarily be easy, but if the core of your relationship with this reality is trust, you’ll always give it the benefit of the doubt, even if it takes you a while.

Advantages of Trusting Life (or God, or the Universe, or whatever you wish to call it)

A relationship based on trust gives you some advantages.

  • You’ll be less inclined to use your power against yourself.
  • You’ll look for lessons everywhere, so you’ll find more of them.
  • You’ll have a generally positive and optimistic outlook on life.
  • You’ll be willing to take more risks, especially those involving exploration because you’ll see yourself as being aligned with the natural flow of reality.
  • You’ll also develop the maturity to understand that short-term setbacks are often not as they appear. An apparent setback can be a powerful growth experience that ultimately enriches your life and adds to our collective exploration.

How many people have, in retrospect, said that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to them? Or a divorce? Or a bankruptcy?

Don’t be so quick to label an experience as negative, harmful, or unwanted. If you trust the universe, you’ll find growth and exploration everywhere, including where you may least expect to find it.

  • Do you want to create and explore a universe which you completely, unshakeably trust?
  • Or would you rather explore a universe in which you have doubts about that?

Either option is valid.

Written by Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina is a human alarm clock - he wakes up people who are sleeping through life. Steve has a personal development blog for smart people, which you can follow here: