How to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs Once and for All

Limiting beliefs serve as a false sense of protection. Think of a moment that you hurt yourself trying something new and then you never tried it again. This is the start of creating a negative thought pattern, and fear based living. You become fearful of failing, or chip away at your self worth and self- acceptance.

Limiting beliefs begins to rob you of reaching your full potential, and with everything you can begin to remove the things which no longer serve or add good things to your life.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs according to the Webster dictionary means: A feeling of being sure that someone or something exists or that something is true.

Our beliefs are a part of our mental pattern and they are derived from many locations such as our childhood, life experiences, and things that we were taught.

Out of all these experiences our minds create patterns of beliefs and generalizations to meet an internal need. For example you are six years old trying out your bike without training wheels and you suddenly fall and don’t want to try again because you believe that you will fall again. The thought pattern begins to prohibit you from going forward and trying again.

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How to recognize limiting beliefs?

You can become attune to your negative though patterns when you feel burden, stuck, or experiencing the same events with no progress. You begin to use words like "I can’t..." or "Because I am a woman or a man I can’t do this."

Once you choose to do away with limiting beliefs you begin to receive those benefits that you’ve denied yourself.

Now that we have recognized limiting beliefs and what beliefs actually are we can begin to do some inner work to rid limiting beliefs for good.

**If you just read that sentence and your mind immediately thought - this is total crap - I’m going to help you to learn how to shift those disbelieving thoughts and put in place mental patterns that rocks and keeps you healthy and happy


How to change limiting beliefs?

  • First things first you have to choose to move away from limiting beliefs and declare that every bad thought is being cleared out daily.
  • Take full responsibility for yourself, your life as it is right now and know that you are free from anything that held you captive in thought or deed.
  • Speak positive and edifying words over your life.
  • Remove the word I can’t from your vocabulary.
  • Stick to proven facts when it pertains to your life.
  • Always choose to try one more time.
  • Create a new reality.
  • Explore a new direction.
  • Unlearn old processes.
  • Trust your gut.
  • Challenge your beliefs and make sure they are yours.
  • Reinforce new beliefs.
  • Let your action dictate your reality instead of vice versa.

Message from Change your negative beliefs and become positive.

As you begin to make these new habits apart of your day, your mind begins to reprogram and turn over a new leaf.

You realize that you are worthy and circumstances do not dictate your worth or your ability to try and try again. Failure becomes a part of your plan and a leveraging opportunity.

Today trust the process and begin to peel away old strategies that don’t align with making you feel fulfilled but rather consumed with doom. Become co-creator of your life and rejoice that you have designed a new beginning.

Love Light & Blessings, Danica N. Worthy, an Author, Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach, Spiritual Seeker, and Visionary Entrepreneur. She is changing the world through empowerment and advocacy. Danica promotes spiritual enlightenment while achieving life’s aspirations. She uses her life experiences as a blueprint and platform to guide women to tap into their worthiness.

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