It's More Powerful than Visualization (for Manifesting)

Visualization is an amazing tool for manifestation.

When we visualize we create pictures with feelings and emotion attached. We are not just simply repeating an affirmation about wanting to attract our dream house, we actually see it.

We see ourselves in our house, we see ourselves in the kitchen, we visualize what the swimming pool looks like in the garden. We even can take this further to add emotion and imagine what it feels like to be in our dream house.

This is so powerful as a tool for manifesting. It "tricks" our mind to think its real..

Suddenly the gap between what we want to manifest and us having it closes a little. Our mind believes it is possible - it is not some unattainable goal that "other people can have but we will never achieve" - it's real, we've done it, we can see ourselves in the house.

IT IS POSSIBLE.. and therefore you are a LOT closer to manifesting it.

Essentially visualization makes manifestation easier.

However this isn't exactly why I'm writing this article today.

More Powerful than Visualization

I want to show you something that takes this even further, and yes, you probably guessed it - but I mean guided meditation.

You see, there's a lot more to meditation than using it just as a tool for relaxation.

Meditation is a way to focus the mind, and this is massively important for manifestation.

However, GUIDED meditation stimulates visualization, but in a more powerful, more intense way.

So rather than just "seeing" ourselves in our dream house, we experience it much more vividly.

We walk around it, we touch the furniture, we dive in the swimming pool, we walk around the kitchen - within our minds we actually experience the house.. we actually have it and live in it.

This Really Stimulates Manifestation

It takes things up a level - your mind really gets behind the visions, you don't just believe it's possible to manifest your dream life, you have already done it within your mind!

The intention is out there so much stronger and you really start progressing towards your desires


Guided meditation really can change the way you manifest, it can make things more natural, so that manifesting comes from your core - from your very center and your inner subconscious. You manifest in a much more natural way, putting out emotion and feeling and EXPERIENCE out into the world (not just words, desires, or wishes) - and because of this, your manifestations become reality much more naturally too - manifestation becomes easier.

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