Use the power of guided meditation and the law of attraction to attract your dream house, and experience the happiness and energy it will bring you

Attract Your Dream House CD Album Cover
  • Have you been searching for your perfect house?
  • Are you starting to think you'll never find the right home for you?
  • Have you almost given up hope of ever finding your dream house?
  • Would you like attract your dream house to you by using the law of attraction?

This session focuses specifically on manifesting your ideal house. Your narrator will guide you on a visual journey where you will actually see your house, you will walk through it and you will align your mind to really manifest it.

If you have a picture, in your mind, of your dream house and have almost given up on finding it, then this guided meditation can help you.

Your dream house is out there just waiting for you to pick up on its energy, and for you to start living in it.

When you can visualize so clearly and create your dream house within your mind it tricks your brain into thinking it is real. Do it enough and it becomes real - it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

You are not just wishing for that mansion with 10 bedrooms and a swimming pool. You are not just dreaming about that house by the beach - you are making it REAL, by visualizing it in a powerful way - through the power of this guided meditation audio.

During this session you will actually be taken on a journey, a tour of your dream house. During the meditative journey you will create your dream house within your mind. You will walk around it, you will sit in it, you will live in it.

This flips a switch - it is not just a fantasy, your brain now KNOWS you can have this house, and it sets things in motion for you to attract it. The universe starts to align and your life begins to change so that you can actually acquire this dream house.

Add Extra Power Through Meditation

This meditation works on the principle of visualization - a real key to manifesting, but rather than simply visualizing your house you fully create it in 3D, in full color within your mind.

Not just a 2 second visualization or a picture on your vision board - meditation gives you the ability to create it, step inside it, live in it - a much more powerful experience and a method which will significantly improve your results when delivering your intention to manifest it.

Simply put, you will inject extra feeling and emotion into your manifestation practice - your whole mind, body, conscious and unconscious thoughts as well as physical actions will be completely focused towards attracting your dream house into reality.

What to Expect

Your whole mind and body will be given a deep relaxation session at the start of this meditation. This will prepare your mind for the journey ahead.

You will then visit, and rest, in a beautiful spot in nature to enable you to reach your subconscious mind.

Then you will meet a mysterious woman who will give you the keys to your dream house. She will then give you a gift to help you attract your dream house quicker.

Short Term

You will notice that you have become very relaxed in general and the things that used to stress you out no longer bother you.

You will also start to notice strange little coincidences happening in your life as things start to align to lead you to getting your dream house.

Long Term

In the long term you will see your life taking different turns, the little coincidences building up, meeting new people and seeing new opportunities. You will feel the changes, you will sense the difference as all the elements in your life mix up and align so that it is possible for you to acquire your dream house.

Shake up your mind today with this unique meditative experience and begin to manifest your dream house into your reality.