The 4 Keys to Shifting from a Scarcity to an Abundance Mindset

Here’s the reality: most people live life in a mindset of scarcity. They live from the belief that there is only so much money, love, freedom, air, water, food, or energy to go around. Therefore, they believe they have to scratch and hustle to "get theirs".

As is usual with conventional wisdom, this is 180 degrees opposite from how the world actually works.

Most of us have been locked into this mentality of scarcity for our entire lives. However, the happiest people among us have found ways to shift ourselves out of this mindset into the mindset of abundance.

How do you make this shift?

Message from Guided Mind: Make the shift, manifest everything you want in your life.

There are four essential keys you will need to accept before you can truly live an abundance mindset.

1. Understand the logic of abundance.

Abundance is the only logical mindset. Look at the planet: despite humanity’s best effort to choke it off with pollution, it is still fantastically productive and fantastically rich in 93 natural elements necessary for human thriving.

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Next, look away from the planet. Did you know that when you look out from the planet, each of the seven billion humans on earth can see a unique set of approximately 12 billion unique stars that could be put to use for sustaining and improving our lives?

  • Our own solar system is filled with asteroids full of fresh water, minerals, and elements, all waiting our know-how to go get them and bring them here (or take ourselves comfortably to them).
  • The sun pours down on the earth more energy every hour than all the humans on the planet use in a year. In one year the sun gives us more free energy than we will ever be present in all the coal, oil, gas, and mined uranium we could possibly burn combined


From a straight resource perspective, abundance is the only logical conclusion. To deny abundance is to deny reality.

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2. You only get to keep what you give away.

We mentioned this above, and you can verify it with simple experiments.

  • If you are angry and mean and rude to people, you will get that treatment back, always amplified.
  • When you are kind and pleasant and generous with others, you will get that back, always amplified.

The best example of this principle is love, which is only increased by being shared, never decreased. The lover knows that more for you is more for me too. Your happiness increases my happiness.

Only physical objects can be lost by giving them away - but we never owned them anyway. The intangible elements that make life worth living - love, joy, gratitude, serenity, community - are always increased by sharing.

3. Understand what true wealth really is.

It is not the stuff we own. Nobody really owns anything. Everyone is only in temporary possession of stuff whether it be a house, a car, or a pile of green paper.

We enforce ownership through social shared agreements. If we can stop focusing so much on piles of stuff, we can start focusing on what really matters - the internal wealth that nobody can take away from us, and that will not rot or mold.

That is true wealth: our knowledge, our skills, our composure and inner peace, our ability to manage our emotions and be helpful to others. Once again society is 180 degrees off by focusing us on acquiring stuff and things rather than cultivating knowledge, skills, or peace.

4. More for me means more for you.

If we think that "more for me means less for you", that means we feel guilty when we do better than others.

If we are at all compassionate people, this ensures we will never allow ourselves to have abundance, because that would be unfair to others. Instead, we need to realize that "more for me means more for you, too", which makes living much more enjoyable and allows us to welcome richness into our lives.

If you watch very prosperous or wealthy people closely, you will notice something: they are always giving, always.

Usually they have created companies which give for them 24/7. They might give service or convenience or savings or nutrients or confidence or something else, but the common denominator is that they have created organizations that give for them 24/7 - and they often continue to give, personally, very close to 100% of the time.

You might think they do this because they already have a pile of money but this is exactly backwards. They got the pile of money by giving so consistently and continuously. If you do the same you will soon find material resources ("stuff") flowing back to you in exact proportion to what you give out.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it and find out.

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