These are the 8 Things to Remember About Success

Most people want to be successful. But many of us don't usually define what success means for them. Is it money? Is it a loving relationship? Is it power or happiness? Is it something else?

No matter how you define success, keep these eight things in mind at all times...

These are the 8 Things to Remember About Success.

1. It's not about money.

Success can be measured in a number of ways. Many people measure it by how much money and possessions they have.

But, successful people seldom start doing what ends up making them a lot of money - because they want a lot of money.

They usually do it for a variety of reasons; they believe their idea can change the world or that it solves a big problem people have.

2. You have nothing to prove to anyone.

Even if you are a failure by all measures the society has of success, but you are living the life you want... Guess what? You are a success! But you already know that. :)

There is nothing you need to prove to anyone. We are all living our lives and no one else, so we need to be the first to take care of ourselves, do what we want and not worry about what it is that other people imagine our life should look like.

3. There are no medals at the end.

There aren't. At the end, you will truly realize that you are the only one that measures your life.

So live your life like you want to live it, not how others want you to live it. This is actually one of the most common regrets people have on their deathbed: Listening to others too much, instead of their onw heart.

One of the most common things people at deathbed say, especially men, is that they worked too much. Many of them would trade the 'success' they have for more time with family and friends, more world travel, or whatever else.

4. State of happiness is success, too.

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If you are feeling happy, even if there is no reason to feel happy judging by expectations set by society, you are successful!

No one knows what life is about, and pretty much everyone wants to be happy. If you are poor, badly educated, without a significant other or kids and have loads of problems but are happy - wow, congratulations - you are a success!

5. If you lose it, you can have it back.

Whatever you lose, you can have back.

  • You lost a loved one? You can still have that feeling of love again.
  • You lost all your money? You can earn it back again.
  • You lost weight? Don't worry, you can get it back again. :)

It's all a cycle. The thing is, many times you likely won't want to get back what you lost. Like the weight you finally got rid of. ;)

6. Keep your ego at bay.

When you are successful, no matter how humble you are, it is difficult not to start thinking that you are somehow special and predestined to success.

This feeling lasts until you fall, which is inevitable at some point. Falling humbles you, but then you get back on your feet and climb up again.

But, hopefully you can remain humble even when you are successful - and you can help those less fortunate than you climb up too.

7. Lift others up.

Most successful people are happy to lift others up, they are generous with their time and money when they see it will have results, and consider it their duty.

You can help lift others up too, as you are successful at least in some way. When helping lift others up, always consider the old saying: 'Give a man to fish - feed him for a day; but teach him to fish - feed him for life.'

This will help you manage your time and efforts towards helping people long term.

8. Be grateful.

The truth is that success can go away at any moment due to outside influences you have absolutely no control over.

Be grateful for what you have. Appreciate it. Share it with others and help lift them up. Life your life to the fullest and help others do so too. That is true success!

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