Why You Should Value Truly Sensitive People

Being sensitive and introverted often go together. People who sense other's emotions tend to get overwhelmed by them at some point, and then they need time for themselves that is usually spent alone.

It's good to spend time alone - among other reasons, this is the time when sensitive people recharge their batteries.

Sensitive people are valuable because we need variety. If we were all the same, then no progress would ever be made, as we would all see the World through the same eyes, we would all live the same life and never fulfill our potential.

It is variety that drives this World. Variety is what makes living worthwhile.

Think of it this way - when you are not sure what to do, just do something you've never done before.

That way, you will either learn you love the new activity, or that you don't. Whatever the outcome, you will have learned something new about yourself, and then you would be able to make future decisions about what you will like or won't, with better precision. You will understand yourself and your heart better.

It is the same with our World and life - the more variety it experiences, the better it is able to understand what it likes and what it doesn't. Variety is how we grow, but also how life itself grows.

Are You a Sensitive Person?

Your gift is being able to pick up on how other people are feeling. But *your ability to intuitively sense the feelings of the people around you can be overwhelming sometimes and you may need to recharge by spending a lot of time alone.

This is not a bad thing and it doesn't make you strange or weird... It makes you a unique and special type of person.

You truly care about others around you, and you make a great friend. Sensitive people tend to choose their friends wisely.

Celebrate being a sensitive person, it is who you are and it is your special gift to the world

. Don't try to change just to fit in, because we need your energy to make the World a better place.

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