Mind Power Meditation Journey

If you are serious about developing your mind and realizing your true potential then use this collection of brain training guided meditations to increase your intelligence, creativity, memory memory, ability to concentrate… and gain a massive advantage in life!

  • Do you struggle to focus and concentrate for long periods of time?
  • Do you always put off important projects or studying until the last minute?
  • Do you sometimes have to re-read a page 2-3x to remember what you have read?
  • Do you wish that you could take control of your brain to learn effortlessly, focus with clarity and naturally increase your intelligence?

If you want to really take control of your brain then help is here. Life doesn’t have to be like this forever!

With help from this powerful collection of guided meditations you can tap directly into your subconscious mind ,to re-shape your patterns of thinking, to start to focus and concentrate like never before, and to naturally gain an advantage in all areas of your life.

Just Imagine..

Imagine how life could be different if..

  • you can stop procrastinating and putting things off.
  • you can study and read and learn for extended periods of time.
  • you can focus and concentrate for long durations.
  • you read things and understand them first time, and
  • you can remember everything naturally, without repetition.
  • people start to look up to you for the answers, and
  • see you as a leader and put you in a position of authority!

Just imagine how much further you can go in life! How you can excel in your career. How you can achieve your goals and ambitions. How you will be treated better and given respect by your friends and peers.

This is exactly how this unique collection of focused guided meditation sessions can help you!

I’ll explain a little more, but first it’s important to say that this is not just “normal” meditation..

Not Just “Normal” Meditation

First I want to explain how this collection works..

It is not “just meditation”.

This is not just meditation to clear your mind – it is a deep and powerful journey to TAKE CONTROL of your mind.

These specific guided meditation sessions zero in on the area of focus and mind power even further..

They take you on a focused journey to enhance your intelligence and brain power specifically. In each of the visual journeys you will explore the power of your brain and complete visual exercises within your own mind to enhance your brain power.

There is literally no better way to enhance your mind than by YOU tapping into your subconscious mind and re-programming yourself – it is all natural, it all comes from within, and you change from the inside out – producing dramatic and LASTING changes.

These changes will literally transform how you live your life, for the better; helping you to get ahead in your career and in life, to handle stress and perform in stressful situations, to gain mental clarity and focus, to learn at an accelerated rate – to fully take control of your life and power up your brain to accomplish massive life goals!

In-fact the changes and life improvements can be so dramatic that meditation is used as a tool be some of the sharpest minds of our time..

It’s How The Elite 1% Hack Their Success

Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs meditate daily and attribute it to their success.

Oprah Winfrey is extremely passionate and serious about it. She meditates twice daily, even making it part of the philosophy of her business.

She says that meditation allows her to cope with the daily craziness of her world and lets her generate her best work. She even brings in meditation teachers for her staff and colleagues for any employees who wish to learn.

Arianna Huffington (founder of the Huffington Post online magazine) is another convinced of the benefits of meditation. She was quoted as saying that businesses using meditation practices have a definite competitive advantage. The stress reduction and healthier, happier employees make a more effective and energetic workplace.

These two aren’t the only ones, it is more like “who doesn’t meditate?” when you start looking at the list of famous CEOs and entrepreneurs – Jerry Seinfeld, Mark Cuban, Tiger Woods, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Jackman, Martin Scorsese, Ivanka Trump.. the list goes on – the people who have achieved massive breakthrough success, often against all odds.

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Develop Your Concentration

A solid foundation meditation session; designed to help you to focus and concentrate to a higher level.

You will find it easier to get into a natural state of concentration, and be able to concentrate, without getting distracted, for longer periods of time.

Ultimately this will help you to pursue your goals, to study and learn and make the best of yourself – to become a learning machine and stop at nothing until you develop yourself to your full potential.

Increase Your Intelligence

A really powerful meditative experience. This session will focus you on your goal of increasing your intelligence.

You will gain a passion for life-long learning – you will always be looking for opportunities to expand your knowledge and your intelligence. Other people will start to look up to you and see you as someone reliable and dependable in many situations.

Improve Your Memory

If you can enhance your memory then you can really take control of life.

This session will help you to learn at a faster rate, to develop yourself and achieve your goals as you take in information first time every time. Meditation is a perfect tool to help you to do this, by tapping directly into your subconscious mind in a natural way.. this session will literally change your life!

Enhance Your Creativity

This session is a really fun and visual experience – say goodby to mental blocks!

You will go on a visual, meditative journey inside your own mind to shake up your creativity. You will really visualize your life and energize your brain to be able to think and manifest creatively. In your waking day to day life, you will find yourself energized and open – you will flow with ideas and find it easy and natural to express yourself.

Speed Reading

The key to learning – if you can read faster then you can learn faster and truly become a master of your own destiny.

This session will help you to take life into your own hands with this session – to either save time for yourself by reading more in less time, or to learn and read at a faster rate and push yourself to achieve more than ever!



When you take control of your brain – and start to focus on improving your focus, memory and mind-power – you take control of your life, of your ability to learn, focus and concentrate, and your capacity to get ahead in life and reach your full potential.

Take control today, gain a massive boost from this powerful collection of guided meditation for brain power!

We know our albums work, that they will penetrate into your mind and make changes to the way you approach life, but if for any reason it just isn’t for you then we don’t want to keep your money.

When you take control of your brain – and start to focus on improving your focus, memory and mind-power – you take control of your life, of your ability to learn, focus and concentrate, and your capacity to get ahead in life and reach your full potential.

Take control today, gain a massive boost from this powerful collection of guided meditation for brain power!


3 reviews for Mind Power Meditation Journey

  1. Tony Bushce, New Hampshire, USA

    I didn’t really know what to expect as I’ve never really tried meditation or guided meditation. For me the experience was fun and enjoyable and really made me visually create pictures within my mind and take the journey. I really got involved in the experience more than I thought I would and when the journey finished I felt pretty refreshed and very clear of mind – and now a day later I still feel really positive and focused.

  2. Fabio Melo de Souza, Brasil

    I am 54 years old and are trying to learn how to play piano (keyboard), but it has been a little bit difficult, to memorize the chords, notes, music. Two months ago i discovered the brain waves could help me improve my abilities with the keyboard.I really increased. After 30 days using “Speed Learning and Improve Your Memory”, I noticed that my abilities had increased 100%.

  3. Lynn Whittle, Canada

    My head was all over the place. I could not focus on anything long enough to get it completed. My uni work was a shambles and I was sleeping/catnapping far too much. In essence, I was going to pieces due to personal grief. I followed the piece through over several sessions each day (up to 3 times). It gave me back an inner peace that allowed me to forgive my mind wandering, and to get back on track. I am more aware and in the now, than working on auto pilot and not getting anything done. I have subsequently been more productive in uni work and my life.

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