Dramatically increase your self belief with this powerful guided meditation

Self Belief CD Album Cover
  • Does the lack of belief in yourself hold you back in life?
  • Do other people seem to believe in you, yet you don't have belief in yourself?
  • Do you put yourself down a lot?
  • Would you like a way to believe in yourself, and reach your full potential in life?

A lack of self belief can harm you in every area of your life until you make the decision and say 'enough is enough'. If you can make that decision today, then this meditation may be just what you have been looking for.

Self belief is about the thoughts you have from day to day. These thoughts, whether negative or positive, then go on to form the beliefs you have about yourself. We can help you to change your thoughts in order to increase your self belief.

With self belief you can begin to reach for your dreams and truly expect to reach them, without self belief, it will be almost impossible to create your dream life.

With this guided meditation you will be able to:

  • Take back control of your feelings about yourself. You can change what you think and feel about yourself, but you have got to make the decision starting now.
  • Stay positive about yourself. One day of feeling positive about yourself is not enough, with this meditation you will be able to stay positive all the time.
  • Let go of your inhibitions. People who have unshakable self belief go for what they want in life and don't let what others say get in the way. You too can have this.
  • Achieve your dreams. When you increase your self belief you will find it much easier to achieve your dreams in life.

Guided meditations create a unique bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, whilst you listen with your conscious mind the messages and images go directly to your subconscious mind.

This, direct to subconscious mind, is what helps to change your beliefs and give you a stronger self belief. There is still a little effort on your part in that you have to listen to the meditations in order for it to work.

This meditation can be your first step to dramatically increasing your self belief and confidence in yourself.

What to Expect

Your first step is a deep relaxation session for your mind and body. This will help you to completely relax and stop any negative chatter going on in your mind.

In the second stage of your journey you will sit on the top of a mountain overlooking rolling green hills below. This will help to strengthen your visualization abilities.

The final stage of your journey you will have an amazing conversation with a wise man who will help to banish the negative self beliefs you may have about yourself.

Short Term

After listening to this guided meditation a few times you will start to notice that you have become more relaxed and at peace with yourself. This will help you to relax and think more clearly.

You will also begin to notice how confident you feel and much more alive than you have felt in a long time.

Long Term

After a few weeks your self belief will start to grow and you will start to think of all the possibilities that life presents to you, and you will have the confidence to realise your goals and dreams in life.

This is a powerful guided meditation and should only be used if you truly wish to increase your self belief. Download it today and discover how amazing it can feel to have an unshakable self belief.