12 Things You Will Never Hear from a Truly Productive Person

Do you wonder how productive people manage to do so much and make it look so easy?

It takes preparation, discipline and planning to become a truly productive person. You need the right attitude too.

Productive people don’t feel entitled to success. They realize that success is the result of their skills and effort and they never make excuses to justify losses.

Here are 12 Things You’ll Never Hear a Productive Person Say.

1. I’m not in the mood.

When there’s a plan on the table, productive people stick to it. They have good days and they have bad days, but they don’t allow their mood to obstruct progress.

The drawbacks of missing benchmarks and deadlines are always at the forefront of their minds.

2. I don’t keep a schedule.

You need dedication to stay organized. Establishing routines is a continuous challenge.

It becomes easier with time. Productive people use schedules to cut out distractions and to balance work and relaxation.

3. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Productive people simply don't procrastinate. It interferes with their well thought out plans and it costs time, money and energy.

Live by Benjamin Franklin’s famous words: “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

4. I don’t have a plan.

You’ll fail if you don’t give serious thought to actions and consequences of your actions.

A productive person maps the way forward and mitigates risks. They prepare a backup plan as well, because nothing will stop them from achieving their goals.

5. That’s impossible.

You never hear results-driven people say, “I won’t try because it’s impossible.” They search for solutions and if they don't suceed at first - they try again.

6. I don’t know how.

Lack of knowledge won’t stop productive people from progress

. It's is a temporary setback they overcome by gaining the right skills or by improving existing abilities. They're not shy to consult others or to ask for help.

7. My way or the highway.

It makes sense that many minds with good ideas can create an even better idea than a single mind can. Successful people recognize this.

  • They are confident about their opinions, but they are open to suggestions.
  • They'll admit there’s a better choice because their focus is on the final result and not on satisfying their egos.

8. I give up.

Successful people keep on trying because they won’t waste the resources they invested.

  • They refuse to give up because they believe they can succeed.
  • They can handle obstacles, and they leap over even the toughest hurdles seemingly with no effort.

9. I don’t need feedback.

You can only improve if you are aware of your weaknesses.

Feedback allows you to work on turning negatives into positives.

Put your ego aside and accept valid criticism. Productive people welcome feedback so that their flaws don’t threaten success.

10. I don’t care.

If you're passionate about your work, you'll make results. That’s why we have a natural flair for things we love.

Success is important to productive people, but they also care about the quality of their work and the influence it has on others. They do care.

11. I don’t need help.

We achieve more when we ask for help. Other people possess skills, talents, and expertise that we don’t.

It makes sense to ask for a hand when we are overwhelmed. Acknowledge your limitations and don't be shy to accept help when your plate is full.

12. I’ll wait until someone else makes a move.

Productive people take the initiative and seize good opportunities first, so they gain the most.

Don’t wait for others to take the lead. Surge ahead and don’t stop until success is achieved.

If you catch yourself saying any of the above, you’re limiting your potential. Productive people set goals and pursue them with the right attitude and good planning. Enjoy our peak performance meditation collection - and become trully productive.

Concentrate on results. Don’t quit without giving it your best.