3 Questions about Manifestation that Keep People Stuck + Their Simple Answers

Have you ever questioned whether you’re setting intentions correctly? After setting intentions that don’t fully come to fruition for a while, you may start to wonder if you’re doing it right, using the right formula of words, or even if manifestation truly works.

In my trainings, I’ve worked with over 10,000 people on manifestation and intention setting and the most common question that I get is:

1. How do I set the perfect intention that will attract exactly what I want?

My answer is always the same: There is no magic formula for setting intentions, but there is a process of investigating the vibration of your intentions so that you can understand what’s keeping you stuck.

First thing’s first: You’re a master manifester regardless of if you want to own it or not. You manifest everything in your life. This includes all of the circumstances that you label as “good” and the circumstances that you judge as “bad.”

However, it’s not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the vibration of the energy of your intentions that attracts.

The words you use to set your intentions are like cargo planes that you fill with either high vibration baggage or low vibration baggage.

  • If you fill your cargo plane with high vibration baggage, it will soar because high vibration energy is light, airy, flexible, fast, evolving and flowing.
  • If you fill your cargo plane with low vibration baggage, it will stay low and struggle to take off because low vibration energy is slow, heavy, rigid, stuck or trapped.

This begs the second most common question that I get in my trainings:

2. What exactly is vibration?

My simple definition is: Vibration is the frequency of movement of energy. It’s how fast or slow energy moves.

When you use high vibration words for your intentions, you may believe that you are setting high vibration intentions that will soar and attract more high vibration


However, remember that words are cargo planes that carry energy. When setting intentions, it’s important to know the truth about the vibration of energy your words are carrying.

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For an example, your intention is to be financially free and liberated from the insecurity of money.

You set a specific intention: “I have $1.2 million dollars.

Your words may lead you to think that you are setting a high vibration intention that will attract abundance and prosperity.

However, if you investigate the cargo in the plane - or as I like to call it: The Truth of Your Intention - you may find that the vibration of your intention is quite low and will lead you to manifest more of the same frequency.

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How do you know if you're setting an intention on a high VS a low vibration?

How do you investigate the cargo of your plane to see if it’s high vibration or low vibration? Ask questions just like a gentle detective would to solve a crime and reveal the motive.

  • If I manifest $1.2 million, what will people say or think about me?
  • If I don’t manifest $1.2 million, I’m afraid that…

When you ask these questions, you reveal the energy of your intention in the present moment.

Here are some typical answers:

  • If I manifest $1.2 million what will people say or think about me?”: I’m powerful, sexy, cool, important, worthy of love or respect. “If I don’t manifest $1.2 million, I’m afraid that…” I’m afraid that I’ll be stuck forever. I’ll continue feeling trapped and never get ahead.

The Universe deals in the energy of the present moment. It doesn’t understand the future feelings that you want to have because the only thing that exists in the Universe is the present moment.

Therefore, when you set your intentions, The Universe reflects back to you the energy of your present moment and you attract more of the same vibration of that energy into your life.

When you say: “I want $1.2 million,” this is what’s really happening.

The Truth of Your Intention is “I will feel secure and worthy when I have something outside of myself ($1.2 million), but right now I’m feeling insecure and unworthy.

The vibration of your intention is: Low. Since the vibration is low, you attract more low vibration into your life.

This leads to the third most popular question in my trainings about manifestation:

3. How do I set high vibration intentions?

The most important element in setting high vibration intentions is allowing yourself to know the truth of your intentions. When you know the truth of your intentions, that awareness organically creates transformation.

Have you heard the saying, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”?

When you have an awareness of your truth in the present moment, you can begin supporting the part of you that has learned that he/she needs something outside of yourself to be worthy of love, respect, and to feel peace, security and satisfaction.

That awareness, compassion, love and support for the part of you that learned a story that you’re not good enough or perfect the way you are is the ultimate high vibration act and will attract more high vibration feelings and circumstances into your life.

Lloyd Burnett is a coach, trainer, writer, healer, helper and a consultant who believes that we are all selected to change the world in our specific way -- and he hates to see our gift blocked out and thrown to vaste.

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