Use this guided meditation to ensure you send your intentions out with complete focus and clarity and accelerate your manifestation results significantly!

Deliver Your Intentions CD Album Cover
  • Have you used the law of attraction without success?
  • Do you struggle to consistently practice and project your manifestation goals?
  • Do you find that you don't get signs when you place your intentions out into the world?
  • Do you read about other people manifesting cars, houses and money but you haven't had anything?
  • Would you like a way to dramatically increase your chances of the law of attraction working for you?

This album is part of our law of attraction collection. This session could have been called perhaps "manifestation booster" as it is another core, wide ranging album which will help you to improve your manifestation results by putting out stronger and clear intentions from your core.

When first starting out with the law of attraction, we know it can be difficult to stay focused, clear and consistent with how you put your intentions out into the universe. This is the foundation of the law of attraction, all else follows. So if you don't get this part right then it is really difficult to see any kind of significant results.

When you do get this right, when you adopt a simple and natural way to focus your mind on your manifestation goals and project your intentions out into the universe then everything changes - you really do start to consistently manifest.

We know this, and this is why we created this meditation session; to calm and quiet your mind and take you on a visual, inner journey to help you to focus and deliver your intentions and accelerate your manifestation results.

This album will change everything for you. It will give you a solid foundation on which to base your law of attraction practice. It works in three main ways:

1. Focus and Clarity

Firstly, through the process of the guided meditation itself, your mind will slow down, your racing thoughts will drop away.

You will gain clarity of thought.

And then, though the journey this new, clear, calm mind will be focused on your manifestation goals.

2. Consistency

As you keep listening and following the guided journey you will actually get better at it. You will be even more focused and you will be putting your intentions out into the universe consistently, daily even.

This consistency is important as it is like stacking your efforts on top of each other, and one layer at a time you build a mountain within your mind and a solid, consistent flow of intention into the universe which simply can not go unnoticed.

Your intentions and manifestation desires will be out there and they will start to produce results in a very significant way.

3. Intention Delivery

This is the main point of this album - to help you to place your intentions deep into the universe. This happens actually through this guided meditative journey, yes, during the session itself you will be guided to do this.

Proper intention delivery is vital for success. This guided meditation actually FORCES you to do it properly as it guides you through the process.

You will feel the difference, we promise. You will feel your mind sharper and more focused than ever and you will feel your manifestation goals and intentions go out into the universe. You will actually feel the flow of intention, you will feel different, and this time you will KNOW that the law of attraction is in process for you.

What to Expect

Your journey starts with a deep relaxation session for both your mind and your body, which will help prepare you for your journey ahead by focusing your mind.

The next section will see you going on a journey of self discovery starting on a beautiful sandy beach and ending in the very center of the universe.

The final section is where you place your intentions. The emotions you feel at this stage will help you to deliver your intentions with a much higher degree of success than you might be used to.

Short Term

You can see benefits from this album in the very short term. You will feel the difference in how you are manifesting and the flow of intention you are putting out. You will just know and actually feel that things are aligning to you and starting to flow.

Within one week you will get signs that your intentions are being answered. This comes in the way of small unexpected gifts, or meeting people, seemingly by chance, who help you get the things you desire in life.

Long Term

Longer term you will start to see the results of your efforts being paid off, in the form of the bigger things you desire in life being manifested.

As you gain even more focus and consistency you will be delivering your intentions more naturally and will have a rock solid manifestation foundation and will see results come much more naturally to you.

Deliver your intentions deep into the universe, through the experience of this unique guided meditation and see your manifestation results multiply!