3 Tips to Develop a Deeper Communication With Your Heart

Ever wondered why those who lived before us tens and hundreds of years ago seemed to be much happier than we are now?

This is because life was much less stressful than it is nowadays.

  • We own too much things and we don't have much time to use them properly.
  • We're plugged in all the time - texting, emailing, talking while driving.
  • Our attention span is much shorter than it used to be compared to even those who have lived and died a few years or so ago.

All of these lead us further away from being able to listen to what our own heart tells us.

Ever asked yourself when was the last time you sat alone with yourself in a room without using a computer or a phone?

We have everything except “me time” where we sit with ourselves, tune to our minds and hearts and think, breathe and relax.

Stress has made us worried, anxious and doubtful. It seems that either you become a machine or you think you`re not good enough.

We have a big problem, but with every problem comes a solution; that`s what our ancestors used to tell us and that what you and me should believe in... That there is a solution for all your problems.

In this article we will talk about how you can develop a deep level of understanding with your mind and with your heart using the three techniques discussed below.

3 Tips to Develop a Deep Communication With Your Heart.

1. Be your own best friend.

Becoming your own best friend will not only help you connect with your heart easily - but will also give you a boost in confidence.

This doesn't mean you should avoid having good friends. No.

It simply means that most people will be far more likely to give it their best and help their closes friends, than to show equal effort when helping themselves.

For example, how many of us beat ourselves up when we break up with our boyfriend or girlfriend - yet are very supportive when our friends do the same.

**For you to maintain a deep level of communication with your heart - and eventually feel good about yourself- ; you must comfort yourself, lift yourself up, listen to yourself and give advice to yourself the same way – if not better than – the way you help out a good buddy in trouble


Motivate yourself the same way you`re motivating your best friend to be positive and change for the better - and be patient with yourself the same way you are patient with your friends or family.

2. Meditate.

  • Meditation will help you become calm during a storm.
  • It will help you become more focused, more goal-oriented and more emotionally stable.
  • It will also help you tune into your heart much more easily.

When you slow down the speed at which your mind processes its thoughts or simply are aware of the process going on - you can spot the different types of complex, negative thinking patterns which will enable you to easily challenge, modify or remove them completely from your mind.

An easy and effective way to practice meditation as a beginner is to simply get a piece of paper, draw a colored circle on it, hang it on the wall in front of or above your bed and focus on it for 20 minutes while letting your mind relax.

It`s the same as imagining a circle in your mind but this time; the presence of a real circle drawn in front of your eyes will make it much easier for you to concentrate without losing track.

For beginners, it's even easier to use guided meditations - and you can grab a free one right now - here.

3. Get a good nights sleep - regularly.

Irregural sleeping patterns rarely lead to a conscious, stress free life.

Sleep deprivation and random sleeping schedule is one of the main reasons you are suffering from low energy levels and the reason you just can't seem to connecti with your heart.

There is a famous TED talk for Arianna Huffington; the founder of the Huffington Post titled “How to succeed? Get more sleep”.

In this short talk; Arianna underlines that maintaining consistent sleeping habits is her number one tool for becoming more creative and the best way for her to get access to what she calls “many dormant ideas locked inside our minds”.

A good nights sleep is that important.

Sleeping well for 7 or 8 hours each night will:

  • Make you look younger.
  • Allow you to listen to your heart with ease.
  • Help you be more relaxed.
  • Help you feel less stressed out.

Set a sleeping schedule for yourself. For example force yourself to go to bed between 12 and 2 am and try to sleep for at least six hours.

Feel good about your self by healing spiritually, protect yourself from netagive energy of others and take a long journey inside your heart.

Which techniqes do you use to reconnect with your heart? We sure all need it at times - so chime in your .02c and let us know it the comments.