4 Life Hacks to Release Your Worries and De-stress Fast

Everyone deals with stress and worry at times and there is no one magical way to deal with stress - every person needs to find their own triggers to release worry and anxiety.

The problems come when worry consumes us and takes up all of our focus and attention. Recognizing the symptoms of worry, anxiety, and stress and having several ideas handy and ready to go in a moment of need is essential to managing anxiety and stress.

This is when you have to reach deep within and find a way to break the cycle of worry. Finding the methods for dealing and coping with stress that work best for you might present a challenge.

While we all need a little bit of stress to keep us going and keep us motivated, it becomes an issue when stress and anxiety result in negative physical and emotional symptoms.

Symptoms of excessive stress and worry in someone's life.

  • Difficulty sleeping or major changes in sleep habits.
  • Constant worry or anxiety and onset of depression.
  • Feeling pressured and overwhelmed by expectations.
  • Increase drug abuse or consumption of alcohol.
  • Fatigue, sleepiness, and lack of energy.
  • Nervousness, seeming on edge, changes in mood.
  • Change in appetite and eating habits.
  • Lack of interest in fun or extra-curricular activities once enjoyed. +A disconnect from the world and the people around them.

How to fight against stress in your life?

Here are 4 Simple Life Hacks You Can Use Today to Help You Become Happier and Less Stressed Out.

1. Unplug and Disconnect.

Some researchers report that people's overall happiness and peace of mind decreased the more they were on social media sites.

To calm the mind, soothe the heart and do something good for your soul, unplug and give yourself time away from technology.

Aim for at least a couple hours a day. Allow yourself to be disconnected from the world enjoy reconnecting with yourself and your family.

2. Eat Healthy Foods


Your choice of what you eat will help you stay both healthy and able to better manage your stress levels.

Some foods help boost the chemical reactions in your brain that bring positive feelings and good emotions.

Eating healthy food keeps your body functioning well, which helps reduce internal stress and can in turn help you feel better physically and mentally.

3. Get Up and Moving.

I know many of you won't like to hear this, but exercise is paramount when you want to cut out the stress and worry out of your life.

It has been estimated that in the very near future, the average individual may be spends as much as approximately 16 hours a day sitting looking at TV, computer and phone screens.

Many studies have shown that being overly connected to or obsessed with technology and media significantly increases stress and makes you more worried and anxious.

Here's a way to enjoy physically activity each and every day.

4. Aim for Better and Longer Sleep.

A staggering 70 percent of people of individuals who say they feel overly worried and anxious most of the time end up being the same people who complain about issues such as insomnia and restless sleep.

Poor sleep (as shown in many medical studies) will lower the body's immunity and greatly intensify feelings of anxiety and depression.

Get those eight quality hours a sleep each night. It could be just what you need to break the cycle of inceasant worry that has taken you captive.

The key to successful stress relief and being able to truly let go of worry comes down to first recognzing the symptoms for what they are and then taking steps to cut out worry and anxiety from our lives.

You have nothing to lose by the worry and fear and you have your life to get back again, so start releasing your worries now!

How do you release worry from your life? If you have questions or tips, write them in the comments below.