4 Manifestation Exercises You Can Do to Manifest Your Dreams Quicker

To pray for our loves and dreams, to chase our ambitions and to seek our desires - not radical ideas, but fundamental things we all do on a regular basis in order to manifest our desires, without knowing it or not.

As we call it in the world of self-help, the law of attraction has become a powerful philosophical theory that inspires all of us to continue reaching for our dreams, and, with enough work, succeeding.

Are your desires manifesting now? How do you know if they are?

Our mind is a muscle that we need to keep engaged, practiced, focused and positive. In order to identify your manifestations, you need to stay diligent with your ambitions and continue to attract positive energy towards your dreams.

We are magnets for negative energy, and as soon as we have one bad thought, it is easy to slide into a slippery slope.

These exercises will help you manifest your intentions with more ease.

1. Write down your bad thoughts.

It is easy to slip into a downwards spiral once we start worrying about things. It is always good advice that we tell people to write down your thoughts before you make any big decisions.

Getting over a bad vibe is just as big of a decision for your brain.

  • Write it down in a little book, and deconstruct it, until you realize that you are just worrying about nothing.
  • Write down the pros and cons, describe the feelings, and reason your way out of it.
  • Look back on it a couple of weeks or months later, and you will remember that your little problem meant nothing at all - and consequently your current big problem likely means nothing at all in the big scheme of your life.

Let’s say you’ve been really saving up for a trip. You don’t go on many vacations, but you’ve finally had it, and it’s time for some sun and R&R. You watch all your friends take little vacations and they make it seem so easy. What are they doing that you’re not?

Beyond practice, nothing. You’ve done the research, looked up air flights and hotel deals, but you’re still stressed out about it


2. Visualize everything.

Walk around like you’re on vacation.

  • Spend your time visualizing your vacation and fill your mind completely with those thoughts. You can feel the sand between your toes, the heat on your sun, the pina colada in hand.
  • Direct your disposable income towards your desires. If you’re doing research on trips, soon travel ads and imagery will start appearing in your browser and news feed.
  • Listen to your friends when they talk about their traveling; take it all in and transform it from a dream to a reality.
  • Imagine yourself checking into the resort; uploading pictures from the hotel pool while your friends are at work back home; eating ceviche on the beach and taking nighttime midnight walks with the sound of the waves and the stars above.
  • Cater the universe to send you there, directly and personally. Be specific with your dreams and words, watch how your imagination unfolds into reality, and smile when you are stepping on to that plane in a few weeks or months.

3. Do well for others.

Your manifestations and dreams as a part of the law of attraction are directly tied into the laws of karma as well.

The universe does not favour those who do harm to others, are selfish, rude or looking to achieve wealth at the inconvenience of others.

The more you thank others for their service, the more you give back to the world, **the more positive energy you deliver to the universe, the more you will receive in return.*

Try to do one or two nice things for someone each day. Go out of your way a little to put a smile on someone’s face.

Provide a small gift, or give thanks where it is least expected. Write it down and see all the ways you have been improving the lives of others, when you have been doing so little.

4. Watch your words - speak positively.

As much as you have been doing well for others, also talk well to others. Omit negative phrasing from your diction and rehearse positive speech to your audience.

  • Don’t say things like “no problem,” when you could say “you’re welcome.” Even suggesting that there might have been a problem, is a negative connotation.
  • Do not dismiss others, or make sarcastic jokes that could be offensive.
  • Avoid complaining about things like weight, the price of food or gas, or the attitudes of your co workers - in public, and to yourself.
  • Never forget the perspective of attitude and the power it has on your life and surroundings. You will not manifest positive energy and dreams if you are emitting negative cues.

I’m in control of my life. I have certainty and can make choices with confidence. I am photogenic, healthy and proud! I have lot of time in my life to improve, choose, and walk on my chosen path. I am full of abundance. Wealth is coming to me. To be healthy and prosperous is all I need. Love overpowers all. I can, I will, and I am.