5 Things Masters Do that Ordinary People Don’t

If you’re anything like me, you may be fascinated with some of the things that certain members of the human race have been able to accomplish. Throughout our history humanity has been sprinkled with a few individuals that have just completely blown the average capabilities of a human being out of the water.

The Leonardo DaVincis, the Teslas, the Mother Teresas all fall into this category.

Right now I am personally fascinated with Bruce Lee. Have you seen what he can do with numchucks, or the 1 inch punch? I mean seriously, the guy weighed something like 130 lbs!

There are some that have become so in awe of the feats that these types of people have accomplished that they label them superhuman, or even muse at the idea that they could be aliens. But when we take these kinds of masters, and examine their lives, we find some common denominators.

Many of these are habits and lifestyles that the majority of humanity do not have.

If you are serious about becoming a master in your particular skill set, or even if you are just fascinated with this subject like me, I’d encourage you to read these basic, yet powerful things that virtually all masters do in their lives.

1. Refrain from Alcohol.

Sorry party people but it’s true.

Some of the greatest masters of all kinds, in all trades and walks of life refrain from alcohol, and recommend the same to others.

Their reasoning can vary, though the majority of the points I have heard on the matter seem to make good sense.

On a spiritual level, alcohol can have a tendency to inflate the ego (big surprise right?), and can also act as a crutch, or a numbing agent to unresolved limitation and trauma that lives in the mind.

Thus in the situation where one may be drinking, it could be replacing a situation where they would be self-aware and working through their issues to become more successful, productive and focused.

The more obvious reasoning is also that it affects the liver, and in turn the whole rest of the body, especially if used in excess.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-alcohol, but you have to consider that it’s almost peculiar how much of an agenda there seems to be in mass media these days to focus on partying, drinking, and getting “all up in the club”


2. Cut Out Unnecessary Activities from Their Lives.

Whether we’re talking about Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mahatma Gandhi or the mystical character Don Juan, masters do not waste their time in activities that don’t propel them forward towards their goal and life purpose.

In the fully integrated life of a master, fulfilling one’s purpose, or living one’s highest potential is their leisure, that thing that fuels their passion and fire. It becomes their greatest source of pleasure, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Key to this is understanding that your time in a human body is limited and finite. Many of us walk around in sort of a trance, as if we will live forever. The masters understand that each day counts-each moment, minute, second.

Therefore, participating in activities that do not fulfill our highest purpose and fulfillment becomes harder and harder to do.

  • Can you imagine the Buddha sitting on the couch and watching TV?
  • Or Bruce Lee mindlessly perusing through YouTube to kill time?

3. Wake Up Early.

You can ask Guided Mind about this one - they have a great free early riser meditation track. :)

Another common denominator to success, waking up early seems to facilitate productivity, as well as mental clarity.

There are plenty of reasons why this makes such a big difference:

  • For one, spending your very first hours of the day working towards that which is most important to you gives it your best, your most fresh and focused energy and concentration.
  • There is also much less distraction in the early hours of the morning (when a lot of people are still asleep). This is both practical (nobody is going to bother you) and more esoteric (there’s a lot less scattered psychic energy floating around from the collective consciousness to deter you from your focus).
  • And I personally believe that there is an energy about the morning that just gives you a boost and gives you an extra push in the direction you want to go. Maybe it’s the fact that the day has a new clean slate, maybe it’s the sunrise clearing up the darkness, or maybe it’s just the other reasons I mentioned, but it’s a beautiful and productive time of the day that so many people fail to enjoy and take advantage of.

4. Conserve Sexual Energy.

The first person I heard talking about conserving sexual energy was Paramahansa Yogananda.

I learned that when he was alive, those who came to be taught by him were asked to be celibate. I also read about conserving sexual energy in one of the first books I read about the Law of Attraction, the infamous Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

I wouldn’t say that all accomplished and successful people are celibate. But I would wager that nearly any person that could be truly labeled a master, (the Bruce Lee’s of their crafts) are in the least aware of their own sexual energy, and know how to utilize, channel, and conserve it when necessary.

Some of the most enlightening knowledge on this subject comes from the ancient Taoist practice of Neidan, or internal alchemy.

Centuries ago, internal alchemists learned not only how to conserve their sexual energy, but also how to channel it, convert it into pure life-force energy.

There are forms of Yoga that have also done the same.

This is an especially useful subject for men to study, as they lose a lot more energy from sexual activity then women do, unless they learn how to channel it properly.

5. Celebrate Others Success.

A true master knows that he/she is unstoppable, therefore they have no need to criticize or compete with others.

In fact, they are more likely to support, teach, and encourage others to also become masters of their unique gifts.

There is much more abundance in this mindset, as it is an acknowledgment that there is enough, that other people’s success doesn’t take away from yours.

In fact, it can add to it if you have the right way of looking at it.

Also, wishing people well circles back around and makes you that much more powerful in creating the life you want, where jealousy, petty competition, and wishing to cut others down in your path to success only reinforces beliefs in scarcity and low self-esteem.


What much of this boils down to is discipline, and clarity of purpose.

To one who is far removed from this type of lifestyle, this can seem very unpleasant, not drinking, crawling out of bed at the buttcrack of dawn, and not spending time being lazy or mindless.

But I would consider taking a good look at your heroes, the ones that really have shown humanity what our true potential is, and ask yourself if they seem like their life sucked.

There is a true momentum that occurs when one is completely aligned with their life purpose, with their calling, or even just with their own energy expenditure.

I’d invite you to experience this for yourself by taking small steps at first, and then increasing them to leaps and bounds. This is what the masters of all eras in this world have been here to encourage us to do.

Ashton Aiden is a certified life coach, a brainwave entrainment geek, a lover of dogs, and a passionate advocate of the human potential. He spends most of his time working through his website, brainwavelove.com, to educate the public on the powerful benefits of brainwave entrainment technology. When not doing this, he enjoys coaching people on the art of manifestation, providing spiritual commentary, and exploring the outdoors in his home state with his dog, Biff, and his girlfriend Dechen. He can be reached at [email protected], or on facebook.com/brainwavelove