5 Unique Ways to Set Daily Goals

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you. -Les Brown

Setting goals is a cornerstone to achieving success and increasing your productivity . There are very few people out there who accomplish much just by getting lucky. Most have to put in the time and hard work to make their dreams happen. A big part of that is knowing exactly what you must do by putting in that time and effort. By setting goals, even daily ones, we help aim our life towards the purpose that rings so true to our existence. Here are five unique ways to make setting daily goals a little more fun, so that you can stick to making daily goals for the long haul.

1. Create a Hat Filled with To-Do Items

Write must-do chores and goals on small pieces of paper. Put those pieces of paper in a hat and mix them up. Pick out a given amount of papers then make those activities your to-do list. Obviously, this methodology has some limitations, but it can help mix up the monotony of doing the same tasks every day. This also helps to increase your motivation ; the more you get done the more motivated you are.

2. Set Goals for a Loved One

This one you have to be careful with, because you do not want to overstep any boundaries. Discussing or even making a to-do list for a loved one and vice versa can help the two of you brainstorm what actually needs to be accomplished. It can be a good opening for communication, and sometimes having some outside motivation can be helpful.

3. Post on Social Media

Obviously, you do not want to post habitually about needing to clean the bathroom, making phone calls, paying bills, etc., but setting major goals on social media can be fun. For example, you can post something like, “I plan to exercise every day this week. If I don’t, you all have permission to give me a hard time!” Try to make it interactive and fun, but sometimes knowing that all your friends, family and acquaintances expect you to do something can be a huge motivator. Using the likes of Facebook and twitter to do something like this can give you a huge boost in motivation, when your friends start replying to you about kicking your butt if you don't do as promised


4. Use Colorful Supplies

For those who are aesthetically minded, get fancy stationery or colorful art supplies to make daily goals a little more fun to look at when they are on a list. Something about seeing “clean the bathroom” written in red seems to make the activity more pleasant!

5. Make a Ritual of Goal Setting

Setting our daily goals in a way similar to a sacred ritual ir s great way to get organized for the day ahead. It puts us back into the present moment, so that we can live more mindfully. Find a ritual that matches the importance of setting daily goals to you. Do it with candles, after reading something inspiring, exercising or any activity that speaks to you.

Your Thoughts

Have you got some tips on reaching your daily, weekly, or monthly goals? if so it would be great if you could share them with us.