5 Ways Journaling Will Benefit Your Life

Keeping a journal is great for when there’s no one to listen to our thoughts or when we need an alternative outlet to express ourselves. And there's so much more to it too...

We tend to share our thoughts because it feels like therapy. Keeping stress, anxiety and fear bottled up is unhealthy - but sometimes we cannot find anyone to listen. We want to share achievements, interesting experiences and our opinions as well.

1. Journaling Organizes Our Thoughts.

A journal allows us to organize our thoughts into more meaningful chunks.

When we pour out our hearts and talk to people about our lives, words quickly spew out and poorly chosen words may cloud the essence of what we wanted to say.

The ideas that you write down in a journal are an accurate representation of your thoughts. When you read the words back one day, the true nuances of the emotions and viewpoints will come through clearly - it's a way to take a journey deep inside our hearts.

2. Journaling Provides Us with Life Lessons.

Keeping records of our thoughts will make for good life lessons for us in the future.

When you review earlier entries, you will see how opinions and attitudes of the past have led to positive or negative outcomes for you later on. This will help you make solid decisions going forward.

Highly recommended by therapists and counselors, writing in a journal provides mental and emotional benefits. Writing down thoughts daily is not only a good way to visualize the way you think, but you can also use it to practice positive reinforcement, with a determination to write positively every day.

Journaling can help you overcome a pessimistic view of life and turn it into a positive one your future self will cherish.

3. Journaling is a door to the past.

Some of the most famous diaries contain words that teach us, lift our spirits, and provide fascinating snapshots of moments of times gone by.

Journals provide a historical glimpse into our lives

. When our children, grandchildren, or others read our musings someday, they'll be able to travel back in time and relive our experiences and adventures and they'll understand the thinking behind life decisions, which in the long-term affected them too.

Keeping a journal private also has merit. A private journal is a place for us to share thoughts and feelings without inhibitions and without the fear of people judging or criticizing those thoughts.

A Journal or a diary is a private “me only” space you have only for yourself - one that allows you to look into the past, and figure out how you got to where you are today - and ultimately how to let go of the past events that are holding you back.

4. Journaling can take different forms.

  • Traditionally, and still popular, is a simple notebook and a pen. There is certainly something special about feeling the paper beneath your hand as the pen effortlessly glides along, forming letters and words.
  • For the techies, there is an array of mobile phone apps across all platforms. Recording ideas is convenient and more exciting with different tools and functions.
  • Another alternative is writing your own blog. You can allow public access or you can keep it private - but keep in mind that the internet remembers all.
  • You can also video journal if you so prefer - as well as only record your voice. The written word does not have to be the limit.

Try different methods of keeping track of your thoughts, and choose one that works best for you.

5. Tailor your journaling experience.

The specifics of keeping a diary vary wildly.

  • Some prefer to journal on a daily basis, recording very detailed notes.
  • Others prefer to only add moments that contain special meaning or that have a profound effect on their lives.

Give it some time and you’ll sense what you should write and which frequency is best for you.

Don’t over-analyze the process. Find a quiet space and some alone time, and write what comes naturally. Your thoughts are important. Your grammar and eloquence are not. Keep it simple and enjoy the moments of personal reflection.

Meditation is a great tool to go along with journaling. Try our free meditation mp3 right now - download here.

Do you have your own diary or a journal? How often do you write in it and how has it helped you? Please share your thoughts - we'd love to hear from you!