5 Ways Spirit Guides Can Help You in Your Life

In our common tongue today we may popularly call them our guardian angels - the divine beings looking out for us, nudging our intuition and guiding us properly.

Whatever you call them, our spirit guides are quintessential in our time on earth and help us whenever we need them.

  • All of us have a group of spirit guides assigned to us from birth and follow us throughout life, and some coming into being as we call upon them when we grow and need them.
  • We have masterful spirit guides who are there when times are most tough, and specific spirit guides, who appear just when the situation calls for it.

Our spirit guides can see what we do and how we do it, taking note of our instincts and actions, and leading our intuition in the best way for us.

Drawing attention from our spirit guides is therefore a blessing in disguise, a welcome step to our embetterment as human beings and always what we need to guide our intuition when we need assistance.

Sometimes we can’t always do it on our own. Thankfully our spirit guides are always available. It takes practice, but you can connect with your spirit guides easily through meditation, journaling, or even in your dreams.

They are the voice that steers your gut instinct in the right way; that voice that gives you new ideas; the force that implements new signs and directions in your life. They have a tough job, but someone has to do it!

1. Steering your intuition.

With the practice I mentioned, connecting with your spirit guides will be the best decision you ever made, as your sense of intuition gets steered directly through them. They are the little voice in your head that summons your gut reaction when you are making a tricky decision.

It could be choices that save your life, your relationship, or your job; when, at the last minute, you have to make a move that affects the motions of your life, your spirit guide will be there to steer you in the right direction.

2. Sending you the proper signals.

Sometimes our gut reaction isn’t enough. Maybe it’s too impulsive, or too pre-mature


Our spirit guides can also help by sending you signs; maybe it comes in the form of deja vu, weather patterns, or work related cycles.

In our day to day life it is easy to filter out the basic constructs of our routine, but that allows us to let our guard down sometimes. There’s a predictability to life that we are familiar with, and it makes us vulnerable to change, if it were to come.

Our guides are there to plant recognizable signals in our way, so that we can prepare for any new things that are about to affect us.

3. Clarity.

Even the smartest people in the world struggle with something. We cannot master everything and sometimes in our life we encounter a bridge we are having trouble crossing.

A new problem, needs a new solution. Though the answer might not always be clear, our spirit guides are there to nudge you towards the best path.

Take it slow. You can summon a new or old spirit guide to help bring you clarity to a tough situation. It might not happen overnight, but once the solutions they offer start resonating with you, you will know you are on the way to answers and not imagining anything.

4. Your personal team of experts.

We surprise ourselves all the time by growth and maturity, choices we make leading us to new things and having new experiences.

We might not always know how to handle ourselves as we keep going, and when we come to a new learning curve, we are surprised by how huge it is.

We thought, “haven’t I done this before?” only to discover that the changes in your personality have affected old things.

Not to worry. Your spirit guides have been with you since day one - no one knows you better than them. When in doubt, it’s best to sit down and start writing. As you go through the pros and cons, brainstorming solutions, take note of all the surprising new things you have written down - those are your spirit guides, your personal panel of experts, leading the way.

5. Have a better sleep.

We all want the best sleep we can get. Sleeping while we are in touch with our spirit guides is a great way to clear your mind for a fabulous night of rest.

If you have practiced enough to stay in contact with them throughout the day, enjoy a good night sleep while you meet your spirit guides in your dreams.

It is possible. Have less nightmares and more interesting lucid dreams . Notice the new people and characters in your dreams, helping you and interacting with you.

Your spirit guides are with you twenty-four hours a day, never to leave you lost. Have solace that your conscious is safe and under the care of your little angels.