5 Ways to Gain More Courage in Your Life

Now this may be uncomfortable but the fact is without risk there can’t be courage and without fear there is no courage and without challenging yourself courage will be unattainable. But beware, racing in without thought or preparation is recklessness, nothing more nothing less and shouldn’t be automatically labelled as a courageous act. That said there may have been times in your life when a situation has occurred where you have acted on impulse, fight or flight syndrome, but if able, caution should always be considered.

Courage is usually synonymous with acts of heroism and bravery. The truth of the matter is most of us combat our fear in smaller ways on a daily basis but give ourselves or don’t get the recognition that is usually deserved. Start small, listen to yourself, set your own goals, make the plans that are important to you, consider how you’re going to achieve them. We minimise these achievements but if we don’t fully understand the energy it take to conquer the everyday challenges how can you possibly develop into the person you want to be and achieve greater things.


These don’t necessarily need to be major fears. I’m not suggesting you try and cross a motorway or put your hand in a wild animals mouth. Our fears are subjective.Consider what is manageable and go for it. The worst that can happen is you don't succeed the first time. The important thing is to learn from it and try again and start to believe in yourself again.The second time will never hold the same level of fear as the first time.


Courage is an abstract concept. What I can guarantee you is if you don’t try new things and set, even, small challenges to yourself how will you ever know what you are capable of.


It's ok to learn to say no . Most people are nervous about saying no but if you analyse it then you’ll begin to understand that this has more to do with how you will be perceived and treated by the person you say no to and the consequences that follow. Interestingly though when you do agree to something, you either don’t want to or don’t have time to, you’re actually dismissing yourself and people pleasing

. You will be left feeling resentful. You will be dismissing yourself over and over again and in actual fact you will be constantly denying yourself for the sake of others.This will result in self-directed anger and irritation.


Don't mistake recklessness for courage. The first step in developing your courage is to test yourself with manageable feats. Identify what your fears are. An example may be you fear isolation. The consequence is you expend all your energy being in the company of negative influences rather than conquering the fear of being alone. Count the cost of these behaviours in the past. Then ask yourself the question ‘is worth it’. I’m not suggesting that you become a hermit but try to get to know yourself, you never know you may like YOU. Start small but don’t stagnate keep pushing yourself to achieve whatever the risk you have identified. Don’t set yourself up to fail.


Whatever the outcome take ownership of your part in it. Don’t externalise it or apportion blame, it’s all learning that will inform future events. You should be and are in control of your destiny, seize it! Even the disappointments are useful. Be congruent with yourself and identify what you’ve learned and how you’re going to use it for the NEXT TIME.