6 Steps to Being More Grateful

It can be easy to get down and be disheartened with life. We all have stresses and strains in our lives and if you focus on the negative it can lead to a downward spiral that can seem out of control. There are however ways to combat these tendencies to be free from stress and find a way to make it more life more manageable. There are many gifts we have and, although difficult at times, once identified will reinforce the positives in your life. Being thankful for them is the beginning, maintenance of your realisation must be achieved so you can be conscious of the positives in your life. Gratitude is you compass to ensure that you conserve your realisation.

Conscious Thoughts

When you wake up in the morning consciously remind yourself of all the positives in your life. If you struggle to list them, think harder. we all have different priorities in life and what is important to some doesn't hold the same value to others. Drill down see what you have in your life: contentment, peace of mind, health, money, ability. This is a starting point to what you have the beginnings of and the areas you wish to develop. Regardless it will set a process in motion that will identify what you have.

Focus on the positives

We all have challenges in our lives. That's what makes us human, no one said life was easy. Nevertheless, if you recognise and 'hold' the gifts you have you will begin to realise how lucky you are. When we use positive thinking , things can really change for the better.

Measure your perspective

Sometimes it feels impossible to recognise how lucky we are. Our 'gifts' are subjective and it can be helpful to measure them against a wider landscape; poverty, tyranny, disability etc . Consider how lucky you are compared to others. This can be the beginnings of an awakening and very humbling.

Thank your loved ones

If you are lucky enough to have people in your life that love you then you are amongst the richest of 'wo/men' and you should be mindful of the precious gift they give. I'm not suggesting that its would be practical or reasonable to shower your loved ones with unending sonnets and odes of love. Words are easy, its action that reinforce the value you place on them

. Consciously consider why the people you love are in your life, what do they bring and as importantly what do you give. Take account of other peoples happiness and you will inadvertently reap the rewards. Respect breeds respect and actions speak louder than words, and it feels good to be more grateful.

Give more than you receive

Giving is much more rewarding than receiving. If we are programmed to be a predominate receiver then we are unconsciously in a state of expectance. This results in feeling let down. How many times have you been disappointed when you have received a gift. The truth is it is very difficult to get it right every time. The value should be placed in the realisation that someone has gone out of their way to spend their time and energy to consider you, not in the item of purchase. Remember whats important and concentrate on that.

Self monitor

Pay attention to your inner processes. When you are negotiating a disappointment in life, which I absolutely natural, stop and consciously search of the good in it. Ask yourself the question even in the darkest times is there anything to be learned. Perhaps in the most terrible of times you are unable to find anything but generally if you choose to look hard enough there may be a glimmer to understanding that will reduced the risk happening again. At least try to find it.

One way or another being grateful for the positives in your life is a choice, its up to you to choose to find the good.