Put an end to stress and live your life being able to naturally manage stress and deal with stressful situations before they become a problem!

Free from Stress CD Album Cover
  • Do you get stressed, worried or feel anxious a lot?
  • Do you find it difficult to switch off from your stressful job?
  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and things just become too much for you?
  • Would you like to be able to manage stress and even to be able to thrive and be successful because of pressured situations?

In today's modern world it can be difficult to get away from the stress that can cause you physical and mental harm. Irritability, depression, being short tempered, headaches, anxiety, skin problems are just some of the physical problems that can be caused by stress.

Using the power of your mind and your imagination you can reprogram your mind to handle the triggers that cause stress, and eliminate it’s harmful effects.

You can almost cheat the effects of stress by doing as much as you need to do and listen to this album to relieve any stress that you feel. This album will help you to relieve stress in the short term, and in the long term will re-wire your mind to help you to naturally manage stress and even to change your perception and natural response to stress so that you are driven by it and get things done.

In this meditation you will:

  • Gain a powerful way to help relieve stress within 19 minutes. You might have ways of unwinding, but if you’re too busy it can be difficult to use the normal stress busters. this album can help.
  • Learn to work and thrive on the pressure that previously caused you stress. Some people seem to never get stressed. That’s because they have learned to deal with it in a different way from you. You can learn a new way to deal with the stress triggers in your life.
  • Become calmer, more peaceful and happier. Imagine being calm all the time and being able to deal with anything that life throws you. With less stress this will be the case - you can be happier and just start to enjoy life instead of worrying all the time.
  • Become the person that deals with stressful situations easily and calmly. People who deal with stress easily are not born this way, they have learned techniques to be able to with the stresses of everyday life. You too can learn how to handle stress, easily and quickly by using the power of your mind.
  • Thrive on stress. Instead of crumbling and getting stressed out, true management of stress will help you to thrive on it, to get things done, to increase your mental state and to stay positive - some people are super productive when under stress and successful because of it - you will become one of these people.

Guided meditation is an amazing way to deal with issues of the mind. It uses meditative techniques, guided imagery and NLP to form a powerful way to handle almost anything that life throws at you.

With little effort on your part you and become the person that no longer gets stressed, no longer worries about things, and no longer feels anxious. You will become one of life’s action takers, and cuts stress off in it’s tracks before it gets a hold of you.

What to Expect

Stress causes the muscles in the body to feel tense. So the first thing we will do is give a full mind and body relaxation session.

You will then be taken on a journey in your mind to a beautiful garden. You will use the full power of your mind to immerse yourself in this scene.

You then then be taken to a magical spot in the woods which will see you being healed from a mysterious dark haired woman.

You will leave feeling refreshed, energized and free from stress.

Short Term

Immediately after listening to this album you will feel lighter, relaxed and more at peace with yourself.

You will also find that you begin to view, what you used to call stress, in a new way.

Long Term

With repeated listening to this album you will no longer suffer from the mental or physical symptoms of stress and be able to relax and deal with things much easier and much quicker than ever before.

You will start to naturally manage your stress; things that used to stress you out won't be an issue, and you will find yourself working with the pressure instead of it mounting on you - you will be more focused, productive and simply "in the zone".

Stop being a victim of stress - take control today and learn to manage your stress and even thrive in stressful situations - download this visual guided meditation audio mp3 today.