6 Things You Should Be Telling Yourself Daily

There are things you can tell yourself every day to make that day great! What we tell ourselves every day, especially in the morning when we just woke up and our minds are in a suggestible state, has a profound impact on our whole day.

These are kind of like affirmations - if you speak them out loud, with confidence, in front of a mirror - they will have the best effect - and you can think of them as a counter for the expression 'he got up on the wrong side of the bed'.

Here are 6 Things You Should Be Telling Yourself Each and Every Day.

1. Today is going to be a great day.

Start the day in the right tone: Prepare for it to be a great day!

If you expect the day to be great, chances are higher that it will be. There are no guarantees of course, but by releasing your worries and mentally suggesting to yourself that your day will be great will help you make it so.

2. I am the strongest today than I have ever been.

I suggest telling yourself this only if you truly feel strong that day. It might make you stronger still!

If you feel weak, that's OK too. Some days are bound to be bad - and if you surrender to this fact and accept it - you will realize that days like these are great, because life has to have its ups and downs. If you've just been through a 'down', an 'up' is necessarily coming next.

3. I look great.

Looking great makes us feel great! That is why believing you look great is so powerful.

When we believe we look great, we radiate a confidence and self assurance that other people can sense, and they treat us accordingly. Also, by looking great we give out the vibe of a high status individual, to which other people also respond in a positive way.

4. I am going to learn something new today.

[Learn something new every day and enjoy it](https://www


The only way to grow and truly be happy is to make yourself face your problems and to start solving them. Learning is always done to deal with our current or future problems, and is a great way to get out of our comfort zone - which helps us grow, which in turn makes us happy.

5. I am going to overcome something today.

Similar to learning, when you overcome an obstacle you will feel proud of yourself, have higher self esteem and will trust yourself more in the future.

Preparing yourself mentally to overcome something today is a good way to ensure your happiness and growth. It doesn't have to be a huge deal, it can be just telling your friend that you think her new hairstyle looks great or commending your coworker on a job well done.

6. I am going to thank someone today.

Being full of gratitude is one way to make sure that you focus on the abundance already available to you, instead of that which is still out of your reach. This makes it easier to invite even more abundance into your life.

You do not have to only appreciate the things that you have, but also the people in your life, and what they do for you. Thank somebody today. Maybe the lady in a store for helping you pack your purchase, or your significant other for preparing a great meal for you. Make it a habit, it's a good one to have!

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