6 Tips to Boost Your Morning Routine For Success

Do you know that the way you prepare for the day ahead is one of the biggest indicators of success? The mindset you start the day with really does make all the difference.

“Your attitude determines your altitude” Zig Ziglar

We all have days where we struggle to get out of bed, when we stumble to the bathroom with our eyes closed and go through the motions of getting ready for the day ahead.

Our shoulders are slumped, our posture is barely vertical and our feet drag across the floor. We briefly raise our eyes to the mirror and quickly away again as we see a reflection of someone we hardly recognise and would rather deny.

These days seem to drag.

  • Coffee is a necessity and everything seems more difficult than usual.
  • The clock is a constant companion as time seems to stand still and you can’t wait for the day to be over.
  • When your break finally arrives, you grab the most comforting food you can find without thought for your health or your waistline!

Finally the work day ends and you trudge home exhausted and plonk yourself on the sofa in front of the television, dozing until bedtime aware that tomorrow you need to do it all again.

But what if there was a way to set yourself up for success every morning?

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There is a way to create positive connections to every part of your morning routine that will alter your daily attitude and in time, your life.

1. Reconnect With Yourself

I make time every morning for a 5 minute cleansing shower as this is my opportunity to wash away any residue of negativity that may have invaded my thoughts during the night.

Not only do I feel fresher in body, but I take the opportunity to reconnect with myself.

  1. I breathe slowly, close my eyes and focus completely on the warmth of the water as I allow it to cleanse and invigorate me.
  2. Turning the water off, I dry myself vigorously with a fresh towel as I focus on how it brings my skin to life

3. I then apply a body moisturiser as a way of nourishing myself through the power of touch.

We all need to feel nurtured and have physical contact so if you are alone at this point in your life, this is a particularly important step. Use this time to reconnect with yourself, cleansing your body and mind.

2. Expand Your Body

Whilst your skin and muscles are warm from the shower, take two minutes to stretch.

  1. Reach down and touch your toes.
  2. Stand up and link your fingers together, turn them inside out to push away from yourself thereby stretching your shoulders and upper back before lifting up above your head and as far back as you can comfortably go.
  3. Drop one arm down behind your head and grasp the opposite elbow pulling it toward you gently.
  4. Repeat for the other side.
  5. Let your arms drop to your sides and rotate your head in a slow and gently circle before raising your head to centre, looking straight ahead and exhaling.

These simple exercises release any tension and allow your body to find its natural strong posture releasing your diaphragm to breathe feeling and easily.

3. Appreciate Your Smile

Your smile has the power to change the world. So every time you brush your teeth, connect your mouth with your smile. Close your eyes as you brush and imagine yourself smiling at someone you love. Finish brushing, raise your eyes to the mirror and smile at yourself with the loving thought in mind.

Smiling changes your physiology as when your facial muscles are activated, feel good chemicals are released by your brain. This simple connection between the activity of taking care of your dental health and your smile will help to create joy inside.

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4. Put Your Face On

Your face is not only the first thing people see when they meet you but can also be connected to the way you view the world.

Putting on your game face before you leave the house is therefore super important. So every morning as you shave, moisturise or apply your make-up, remember what you want to experience today. Look yourself in the mirror and state your positive intent or repeat your personal affirmations, (affirmations are a fabulous way to reinforce/affirm specific goals or add to your self-belief).

When you connect your face to the way you want to view the world and the way you want others to view you, then every time you see yourself in a mirror or touch your face, you can bring yourself back to what you want to experience.

5. Handle Your Life

Your hands are symbolic of what you do. Whether you are a manual worker, spend your days in front of a computer, in a customer facing role or as a carer/homemaker you will see your hands moving almost all the time.

Connecting your hands to the actions you take can help you focus on exactly how you are spending your time and the choices you are making.

We use our hands to drive a car, to eat, to read, to text, to care for our children or to help others. Take a close look at your hands right now and focus on the detail. Spread your fingers and see how much capability you have in those 10 digits. Get to know your hands and moisturise them every morning as you will be looking at them often (and so will others).

Remind yourself constantly as you watch your hands that these actions are creating your experiences. Make sure they are following the path you want to take.

6. Walk Your Talk

The direction your life takes depends on the path you walk. Every morning when you put on your socks or shoes take a moment to look at your feet and remind yourself of your goals.

If you haven’t set any specific goals yet, this could be a good time to ask yourself what you want to experience. You can walk aimlessly going through the motions of your life or you can determine where you are going. Life will unfold in front of you and whilst events will occur that you cannot control, you can decide how you will respond to them.

As you walk to your car, to the bus, along the street, the beach or out in nature, every so often you will look down to ensure you are avoiding obstacles or unevenness on the pavement. In these moments let your feet remind you that the path you are taking is creating your future. Are you walking in the direction of your dreams?

These are just a few of the powerful connections that can truly change your life. Not only will your morning routine improve your attitude for the day ahead, but the constant reminders created by the connections you have made will ensure you are living consciously and in tune with your deepest desires.

No matter what it is you wish to achieve or experience, you can tie specific goals to your daily routine to set up a constant reminder for success.

What are your morning routines for success?

Allanah Hunt is an Author, Transformational Coach and founder of Power & Freedom. She works with women to teach them how to reclaim their personal power, to establish a strong sense of identity and to build a solid foundation for a life of freedom. Empowering women to take responsibility for their lives and to become financially and emotionally independent is her greatest passion. Ready to expand your life? Visit Power & Freedom to learn more.