6 Benefits of Being an Early Riser

The benefits of being an early riser can set the scene for a positive day. Planning for your day is important to ensure that you are prepared for what may lie ahead. Here are six basic benefits that you will experience by being an early riser.

Get a Better Sleep

You will ultimately be resetting your bodies natural ‘clock’. Since you have woken early and fully engaged in the activities of your day you will have a clearer mind set and your body will be naturally tired and get a great nights sleep, when you go to bed at night. All of which will lead to a quality of restorative sleep that will set you up for the next day. You’ll have the additional benefit of having more energy.

More Productive and Proactive

The additional time in the morning will be a huge increase in productivity and allow you extra time to spend with those you love, in the evenings. This secured quality of the time can be used to set you up for the day and plan realistic timescales for what lies ahead. Your world is a much quieter place at 5am. The family are probably still asleep, this alone will allow you to focus on practical mundane tasks that can be completed and free your time for the day ahead; emails and administration tasks. Since you will be refreshed and well rested you’ll have the energy and mindset to identify and chase opportunities.You can use this time to strategise for the day ahead.

Better Planners

You will be able to set goals and be better organised . You will have the fortitude to plan your day and set your own goals at realistic manageable timescales. Thus reducing the pressures and stresses you face on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Your goal will be measured by quality and not quantity.

Foresee Problems

You will be able to anticipate problems more quickly and reduce the risk effectively which in turn will make your life easier. You’ll be calmer and less anxious and have more time to deal with any unforeseen problems. Practical challenges will be planned for and you’ll have the time to make the most of any given situation

. Commuting to work at rush hour presents a daily challenge to those of us who continue to run the gauntlet on mass. However an early start will ensure that these pressures are eased; less traffic, less people, less disruption all equal less stress and a calmer experience.

More Optimistic

Since you feel more in control you are more likely to exhibit traits synonymous with happiness, joy, cheerfulness and have a balanced out look on life. You will display a proactive attitude and begin to experience the benefits of taking control of your life; less rushing about, effective interaction, happy with your performance generally. Being more optimistic in life has many other side benefits.

Motivation To Exercise

Having more energy will help to get you motivated to do more exercise. Since you are in the process of reprogramming yourself and feeling the benefit you will be able to recognise the additional benefits of keeping your body as well as your mind healthy.

Now your personal challenge is to determine how you will establish this habit so you can experience all the benefits that are waiting for you.